A laundry room conundrum.

Monday, June 30, 2014

So we have this laundry room, see, and it's not being...it's not set up...it...it...it frustrates me.  It's a horrible tetris puzzle in need of ironing out.  Ah ha, I made a laundry pun.

Bad flippers clearly don't plan anything, they just don't.  This room would have benefitted greatly from a mere five minutes worth of thought.

laundry room before

Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful to have a laundry room.  And super thankful for the nice fancy machines we got last year, thanks to Abt* being so customer service friendly.  But this room makes me nutso.

The room is 5'-3" wide by 9'-7" long with a low ceiling, 7'-1" to be nearly exact.  Toss in two laundry machines, a utility sink, a circuit breaker box, two doors that open into the room, a crazy long gas pipe piece randomly in the middle, and it's a room of utter dissatisfaction.

I will say though, I am truly blown away that this room didn't get painted some horrifying color, like dog vomit yellow, or whatever other terrible color they had lying around.  White!  They used white!  Why couldn't they have done that everywhere?!?!  *palm to forehead*

laundry room view showing door to utility closet
The door into the room and then the door into the utility closet.
We purchased the stacking kit for the machines, but, I dunno, the more I use the room, the more I want that dryer unstacked.

After we moved in, I put up a shower curtain rod as a place to hang stuff that I don't want to put in the dryer and it has worked out well.  Well, except for the couple a' times it came crashing down on me.  But it's good.  All good.

It truly is a puzzle though, this room.  I drew it up and all its components in AutoCAD,* trying this and that and then that and then this, or what if, and then how about....what if....how....could....would that...ugh.  Program quit, walk away.

breaker box in wall
Breaker box on other side of machines.
The room would function a whole lot, way way better if the dryer were down but ultimately that either means calling the gas company and having them adjust that sticky-outty-far-too-much pipe or we assemble some kind of platform to put the machines on.  The machines won't fit in any other configuration without blocking something else, or being blocked by something else.  They'd have to be side by side on the wall they're already on.

If the dryer were down, folding could happen here, acres of handy easily accessible wall storage could go up, the room would feel less of a tortuous, cramped, ineffectual cave.  I could actually make it a bit more attractive too even!  Thinking far ahead, homebuyers love attractive, useful and usable laundry rooms, don't they?!

Heh, then there's also uh, um.  How would we get the dryer down?

So it's a dilemma.  One I've hinted at to Mike here and there, mmm two or three times, and he kinda shakes his head a lot then walks away.

I only have about a month left to get oodles of projects done around the house; I guess I should focus on other stuff.  This one will be on my back burner simmering, gurgling, bubbling up all the time though.

By the way, only two weeks left to vote for my pallet wood blinds over on Instructables, their pallet wood contest!  If you haven't voted, I'd be so grateful and humbled if you would by clicking here.  If you have, thank you!!

Well, I better hop to it, find a project!  Darn it if Mike's portable fan blowing on me all day yesterday has caused my allergies to go haywire, leaving me feeling poopy, but I must overcome.

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*The AutoCAD link is an AutoDesk affiliate link.  The Abt link is an Abt affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. My horrid laundry/office/computer/sewing room says hi to your room. Mine narrow longish and paneled over rotten decaying plaster (once) walls. I painted it all white. I have old style washer dryer. Just so nice as this is on main floor. It would have been more useful in bedroom but the floor freezes in there during winter, so gave up that idea. Thank you for blogging about all this. Misery does love company.

  2. Wow, are you sure our houses aren't related?! They must be! Goodness, I'm so sorry for all your house troubles!


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