Groundhog Day

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Generally speaking, today was a bit of a repeat of yesterday.  Hopefully this won't read exactly like yesterday's post though....

After running a few errands, namely returning some items I got at Menards yesterday, I came home and turned the plywood blocks the other direction in the pantry, thinking the grain direction would look much better this way.  And it does.  It leads you in, lengthens the room.  Mike said, "whatever you want to do is fine, babe.  Looks like it would be a lot of work but it would probably look cool."

A plus for this floor idea is that I can lay a smidgen of insulating material under it.  Hm.  Maybe Twitchy will become my new BFF.  Walking hand in hand, slamming Monster energy drinks.  Ok, that's too far.

Upstairs I then went and finished the swanky library's black paint.  Last night before going to bed, I actually trotted down the hall to look at the black walls.  Typically I avoid this area of the house because of the yucky paint colors, but here I was, standing in the room, checkin' it out, soaking in the black.  Ah.  Heh  :)

So it's done now, yay!!  Another check mark off my list!  Yay!!

Very nearly dry, yay!
I really think the black brightens up the room much more so than the dog vomit yellow.  And it most certainly makes the tiny shoebox of a room feel much larger.  I absolutely think too you should try painting a room black.  Isn't it sharp?  It is sharp.  Yeah, I answered that for you.

Heh, it is so hard to photograph this room due to its minuscule size.  I kept bumping into the walls while painting or scraping them with my extension pole.  Seriously, why did they not make the back all one room?!  Ugh!  Dummies!

Next I headed downstairs to work on the Ikea shelves.  As soon as I can get those done I can get them up, get books on them, get this room in order!  Yes!  Love progress!

After all that, I finally finished painting the master bedroom.  I had left one wall partially unpainted because the plan is to install a pocket door to the bathroom, that door below, and rather than paint twice, I wanted to only paint once.  But.  Got sick of looking at, or rather sick of trying to avoid looking at the bad color so I did a quick roll over it.

Wet paint.  Looks much grayer in this photo than it is.  Hmph.
My mom picked me up that cool mid-century-ish dresser eons ago at a garage sale and I've painted it several times.  It must have been in rough shape or painted originally, hence me painting it, but now I'm interested in stripping it, see what condition it's in.  Well, despite the chewed off corner thanks to Hailey, our cordless chipper shredder.

The ice bin is completely full now so I feel another attempt at the DIY dye art project is nigh.  Plus, soon the window treatment for the library is happening.  I was up late last night searching for the right hardware and hopefully, just hopefully, I've got it all figured out.  I'm waiting for one thing to arrive and then yessss, it's a-happenin'.  Hush hush on the window treatment!  I know, no fairs!

And just for good measure, a picture of Hailey.  Because she's so pretty and I love her.

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