Part, what is it, 5000 now? Unintended projects: Basement bathroom. And an upcoming DIY.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poor Hailey.  "Mommy, why do you keep disappearing into the basement where I can't go even though I probably do want to go because it's nice and cool down there?"  I have got to do something about those scary steps.

And plumbing, wow, yeah, I can't say I see the fascination in it but I know plumbers love their jobs so more power to 'em.  I see why they get paid the big bucks.  Always working in cramped places where you can't see anything, can't get to anything, are always wet, cutting up your hands.  Respect, man.

I ran out today and got the big plastic nuts I needed, over-buying because a.) they were only 84 cents a piece, b.) I wanted to make sure I didn't have to run out yet again, and c.) they will come in handy when it's time to do the master bathroom sink.

Ah, my bounty of goodies.  I also picked up a 6"x9" access door, some joint compound, and some drywall tape.  More on that in a moment....Oh look, now you can see the wonderful tiling job the flipper did.  Nice.

Anyway, it took three tries, but I finally got the drain parts on there and not leaking.  I know, there's probably something missing there at the connection between the metal drain pieces and the straight plastic part, but that flange wouldn't let me screw on another nut.  I may spray paint all these parts as wow, holy white, they really stand out.

Turning on the cold water, which I thought was leaking at the wall connection, I discovered it was leaking at the faucet connection.  Hence boo-boo'ing my hands, hence getting soppy wet, hence struggling to see and reach those parts, and breaking a nail!!! -- after three tries, I finally got it sealed up and not leaking.  Must be a week of threes, I guess.

But hey, guess what!  The sink is now done!!!  Done!!!  Ah yesssss.  And it feels good.  Ahhhh....Yay!!  Yay!!!!  I get to check mark it off my list!

So I reached for that drywall tape, got it a little wet and stuck it on the wall.  It fell off.  Yes, there are a few things I don't know.  Like that plain drywall tape isn't pre-pasted.  Duh.  I was truly embarrassed by myself, checking over my shoulder to make sure no one else was watching.  Though, if someone had been other than Mike, that would be a much bigger problem.

I slopped on some joint compound, squished the tape in it and coated over it.  Who knows if it'll stick or stay, but it covers over the fiberglass tape that won't ever disappear.  Trust me, I know I did this all totally wrong.

Aw jeez, that's terrible.  I'll admit:  I was standing there, slopping on the joint compound when I thought to myself, hey, wait, why am I investing so much time on this one spot when it'll be covered by another mirror?  That's when I gave up on it.  That's why it looks terrible.  I did try and make the other areas better though.

On a different note, last night as I was falling asleep I had this crazy insane, ridiculously funky idea for a window treatment in our upcoming swanky library.  My eyes shot wide open and I kept repeating the idea in my head so I'd remember it in the morning.

It kind of stemmed from seeing this light fixture at Menards yesterday, the Stella Maris, which I thought might be nifty in that room with black walls and all the books, a brightly colored chair, a small ottoman, a circle rug....It's much more interesting in person than in the photo though.

Without revealing too much yet, I went to a place I found on Craigslist, not far from home.

The Mouse, or The Big Cheese, or I'm not sure which one he was had a big ol' can of Monster energy drink in his hand, all tweaked out, was prattling on and on and on and on and on but then finally directed me to where I found what I wanted.

For some weird reason he wouldn't let me take it today, said to come back on Saturday, making excuses about delivery trucks and keeping his guys working though none of those things were hinderances at all.  He probably thought my idea was too bizarre as he didn't quite know what to say when I first told him.

"I don't mean to be all rude or nothin', but come back later."  All righty.  I will be back though.

I was super disappointed that I couldn't start on this idea today.  Super disappointed.  Oh well, hopefully Saturday then.

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