Mass eradication: Phase 3 and Unintended Projects (all in one day?!): Basement

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I totally envisioned my day happening much differently.

I thought, eh, ok, I'll do a couple of small things, get the DIY dye art project second attempt underway, then clean the house.  I must secretly subconsciously not have wanted to clean as I ended up doing everything but.

In an effort to start that dye project, I went downstairs.  I think that's the key to trouble for me, going downstairs.  I sat down on the floor, opened the new drop cloth package and set to work peeling the plastic backing off.  Only, someone went in ready to work the day this cloth was assembled and holy bejeebus, that plastic was way fused on there this time.  As I sat there trying to peel and getting frustrated, I happened to look up.  And this is what I saw.

I mean.  Come.  On.  Really?!?!

Granted, I see this every time I go to the basement as it's at the bottom of the stairs but I've gotten good at not seeing it anymore.  Today it scalded my eyes because I was looking at it from a different angle.

Really?  Three colors?  Ya know, Mr. Flipper, if you want to do this in your own home, that's fine, but please.  Really?  This is just awful.  Who does this?!  Arrrrggg!!!  *Shaking fist in air*

Dog vomit yellow, plus the original color of the living room, plus what I think was the original color of the kitchen but they painted over it with dog vomit yellow.

My poor eyes were burning up, watering, steam coming out of them and my stomach was twisting into queasy knots.  Plus this plastic was making me nuts.  So?  I got up and found the color I have the most of in the basement closet:  Sonata.  The living room color.  That's fine, I thought.  Hey, it's just temporary to make my eyes and stomach calm down.

There's the original real estate listing photo.  It is no where near, not even remotely close, not at all as large as it looks in the photo.  Nuh uh.  Not at all.  When we first saw this photo we did laugh at the paint job, to be honest.

I ended up painting a decent portion of the basement.  I've been avoiding doing so because there's a lot to paint and we have a bunch of stuff stored down there, clogging up access to quite a few walls, plus other projects to take care of.  And, I haven't wanted to get to organizing more, nor did I want to be moving stuff around all day, but lo and behold, here I am painting.  Because I keep spending too much time down there.  Heh.

Oh see, there are the Ikea shelves I'm working on.  I coated them with more primer and started painting them semi-gloss white today too.  Progress!  Yay!

Hey, what can I say.  I admit, I did a crappy job painting the blue.  And it is not the right color for the basement at all, that's for sure.  But at least parts of it are visually tolerable now.  I still need to get that corner all the way in the back in the middle as seen in the real estate photo, plus the two walls on the right hand side.  But, that's where the clusters of junk are piled.  Oh, and the staircase too.

Wonder what tomorrow will hold........

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