The Library! Well, shelves anyway!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's brilliant when you start to see a plan coming together as you had planned it, isn't it?

So the swanky library, all stemming from a clever idea on Mike's part back in April, now has some shelving and the books are up.  Ahhhhh, feels so good!

What color single track standards did I pick?


Yes, I went for the gold.  Here's my reasoning.  With black painted walls, the offset staggered white Ikea shelves, the room being so tiny, the pallet wood blinds with the brown copper wire and other metallic elements, and to get out of my comfort zone, I felt like the gold would add shine, color, and variety.  Plus a little 70's kick.  And because the details are the design.  I feared the semi-floating shelf look using black tracks might make the room feel less grounded.

Yikes!  That's how the room started.  Whoa.  Yuck.  Yes, it's my favorite, dog vomit yellow.

Today I picked up two three foot tracks and two four foot tracks plus nearly the shelf brackets.  I say nearly as I forgot the total count and am two short.  Oop's.  Ah well.  Everything's up and ok for now.  Until I hear a crazy loud crashing noise in the middle of the night and shoot through my bedroom ceiling....

Mapping it all out on the wall was a process not too dissimilar from my pantry shelf excursion.  Not knowing if the floor was level, I measured up two feet in one spot and used that as my base point.

My BFF string helped me out again.  Stretching a level straight line across the wall helped me line up the bottoms of three tracks.  Very key, ya know, getting those lined up, otherwise your shelves will all be kitty-whompa and not level.  Mmm hm, key.

I messed up the placement of the first four foot track as it was about a solid quarter inch off of my string line, so I needed to readjust that.  In the end, the tracks aren't exactly truly 100% perfectly lined up, but hey, they are very close.  Nobody's perfect; I'm certainly not, despite all appearances otherwise.  ;)  Ah ha, ah ha.


I used those fancy pants screws again, the ones I used when putting up the blinds, but 1.5" and zipped right into the studs, no pre-drilling.  I wasn't too keen on the hex head, but as those were the only 1.5" ones they had like this, so it was.

After the three tracks went up, I stretched the string across the top of the third one to line up the last three foot track since it was planned for higher on the wall than the first three foot track.

Once the tracks were up, it was time for the shelves!  Yay!

And then the books! Yay!!

And then some dressing stuff!  Yay!!!

Woooo hooooo!

I'm sure I'll play and tweak and such, considering the goodies I had were what was lying around the the basement.

Here's what I see when I walk down the hall and peer just through the doorway...

So great!  I love it.  Gold was definitely the right choice.

Next up for this room will be a comfy chair, maybe reupholstering that or I should say most likely reupholstering that.  A circular or erratically shaped rug of some sort, hopefully with lots of texture.  That Stella Maris light fixture.  Some art.  Maybe a big mirror, or several mirrors, for the long wall opposite the books to bounce some light around, and the library will be in excellent shape!  Yay!  So exciting!

Got the word today....I start back up on Sirens on August 4, through to Thanksgiving!  Lots to do before August 4, that's for sure, so stay tuned!



    I want staggered shelves in MY library. Heck, I want a LIBRARY. :-)

  2. Thank you!! I am so blushing! You can do it too!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I loved your pallet blinds on Hometalk and would LOVE for you to share these, too! :-)

  4. Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed the pallet blinds so much! All right, I will share the library shelves on Hometalk! Thanks for the encouragement!


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