A non-starter of a day.

Friday, June 20, 2014

We all have days like that, right?  Where you just can't seem to get going or get anything done?  Yeah, that seems to be my today for some reason.  Sad face.  I mean, I got some other stuff done, but the house?  Yeah, not so much.

Hailey's pretty wiped out, not herself.  Probably from going to the vet yesterday but also maybe the chemo kicked in faster.  She threw up a little bit at about 5:30 this morning and has been loungy sleepy all day, not wanting to go outside even.  I hope she's ok.  I hate seeing her feel poopy, so I probably feel poopy because she feels poopy.  My poor sweetie pumpkin.

Maybe it's the weather too -- it's a warm, humid, sticky sticky sticky day around here.

Maybe it's the new laundry detergent smell wafting through the house that's stunting me.  Not a fan of scented detergents, I am.  Bleech.  Such a delicate flower, I know.  :)

In trying to think of something to do around the house and not able to leave well enough alone, I thought I'd pop back into the upstairs hall bathroom.  Boy, it feels like forever ago, that room.  March?  Heh, it's like Flashback Friday now!  (I can hear Mike in my head too....what the...I thought that bathroom was done?!  Nothing is ever really done in my book, my love, sorry.)

My idea was to try this paint technique, the two toned gray and white at the top left, see if that helps me feel like the bathroom is closer to done.  I had thought about doing something like that for my office but nixed it based on the minuscule size of the room.  This bathroom is missing interest and excitement, something, though.  The awful light fixture over the mirror still needs to be banished but I haven't found a suitable replacement for it yet.

Maybe part of the problem I'm having is that the wall color is not the color I originally picked, but a minor mistake on the paint mixer person's part.  Hm.

Eons ago, Glidden offered a free quart of paint in any color so I dutifully filled out the online form and my paint was shipped.  I don't remember the circumstances for the free paint, but free paint was not something I could pass up.  Free paint?!  I love paint!  And free?!  Yes, count me in!, I'm sure is what went through my silly head.

This can of paint has been with me since the early-2000's, unopened.  Wow.  Heh, right?!

Based on the swatch online when I looked the color up recently, Tropical Lagoon, it seemed as though it would work with the existing paint.

First, I had to figure out how to open the darn thing.

What the...?  What is that?  Armlok?  Stone age ancient technology I guess.  In examining the can every which way, there were no directions on how to remove the lid.  I tried unscrewing it, prying it with a screwdriver, chewing on it (noooo, I didn't do that)....I ended up having to look it up online as it is a very unfriendly way to seal up a can of paint.  Pliers, it said.  Hmmph, not nice.

Upstairs I went and brushed on a smidgen of paint.  Ack!  Yeesch.  Way darker, grayer and chalkier than it appears in the can.  Rats!  Sigh.  It looks so pretty in the can but wow, awful against this color.  Mike gets a reprieve on the bathroom for now.

Ah well.  Non-starter day, I guess.  Rats.  Not a big fan of non-starter days.  Bummer.  I guess not every day can be a banner winner winner monster project completion day, but it sure would be nice, wouldn't it?

Sorry folks!  How about in keeping with the Flashback Friday theme, we revisit a fun project completion post, the first floor bathroom vanity!  Yeah!

Yeah, that was fun!

I sure hope you're having a much more productive Friday than I am!  I sure hope too that tomorrow is a much more productive day around here that provides for much more reading enjoyment!

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