Putter around the house day. Plus a recipe, neat!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

So it's just been one of those sort of non-interesting, putter around the house doing stuff kind of days.  Sorry, I know that makes for a boring read.

This morning I dashed back over to the place I mentioned the other day.  For a somewhat funny ad on Craigslist, they don't have a rockin' sense of humor over there.  (I know that link will expire at some point -- type in "Big Cheese pallet" on Chicago's Craigslist and hopefully their ad will pop up if the link proves dead.)

Now, I know I've mentioned I'm not completely hooked on the whole pallet thing, and I'm not, but it was the right type of wood I was seeking for the DIY window treatment I conjured up for our swanky new library.

I saw Twitchy again who let me take about eight pieces of 6'+ long wood for free.  I'm not going to say any more about this project until I have all the pieces and parts I need!  No, I am not, you just have to wait!  :)  Awwww,  no fairs!  I know.  Patience is a virtue, my friend.

In other non-exciting news about the house, I planted a few inexpensive plants in a planter.  Wow!  Ok, I know that's not interesting but the front of our house is generally not earth-shatteringly gorgeous to look at.  It's rather plain, one dimensional, and bricky, so I moved a planter to our strange, accessed by window only balcony that doesn't protect the front stoop from rain, hoping these plants will grow big, tall, full and drapey (I have lots of dreams) so there's something attractive to look at out there.  We rarely see the front of our house, so it's a humble, meager gift to our neighbors.

I weed-whacked the front parkway areas earlier in the day.  It'd be nice to do something out there but we have other pressing issues on our own property to tend to first.

But speaking of neighbors, I painted the metal fence framing to the east in the back yard.  It's our neighbor's fence, or at least they installed it when they moved in (it almost looks like it's on our property based on their garage actually) but the side that faces our yard, the metal never really got painted.

We like this fence and clearly some cash was spent on it, and we like our neighbors.  They invite us to their parties all the time which is very nice of them, until you see the endless trays and trays and trays of tequila shots they are passing around every three minutes.  I kid you not.  Then, yeah, heh....I shudder just thinking about it.  They've had to carry people out on a couple of occasions.  Super nice people though and we really lucked out.  We couldn't have asked for better neighbors.

Some parts were in rougher shape than I thought, so I'm glad to have gotten it done.  Plus it feels good to do something that helps our neighbors.  On top of that too, it looks a tiny bit less horrible on our side not to mention it always feels great to check something off the to-do list, even if it is a small, barely-noticeable task.  Hopefully it'll dry enough before the forecasted rain comes.  If anything, Hailey got to relax outside and sniff the air for a bit which always makes her happy.

There she is sunbathing a couple weeks ago in the weed-riddled disaster area also known as our "back yard," oh, before I planted those fifty cent hostas up front.  She's doing well by the way, though lately I keep having to bribe her to eat her food with shredded cheese.  Spoiled she is, spoiled rotten.  And deservedly so.

Off to enjoy a tasty salad with radishes and some homemade bleu cheese dressing.  Mmm mm.

You guys busy this weekend?  I hope you have a great one!

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