Let's Shop!

Here you'll find an ever-growing list of items I wholeheartedly recommend, things I think are cool, things that will make your life easier, or things you just shouldn't pass up.  Check back for new additions and too, be sure to go directly to my Amazon shop!*

Installing Things Related

▻  Again and again, I turn to keyhole brackets* to hang stuff up.  They're reliable, hidden, and make it easy to hang things tight to the wall.

▻  Metal screw-in wall anchors* are the best, just the best.  Sturdy, grippy, and they don't crack apart on you.

▻  Too, Walldog screws* are awesome, grippy lil' gyp board wall eaters that hang on tight!

▻  If you need some monster construction adhesive, especially for a wet area, look no further than Gorilla's Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.*  It is monster.  And it works.


▻  Got a small kitchen with limited counter space?  I feel you.  Get some of these roll up racks.*  They're great for drying items but better yet, making your sink additional counter space!


▻  Solar spot lights* are the schnizz and amp up your exterior look with so little effort.  Be sure to read reviews, products vary wildly.  I've had luck with the Aponuo brand on Amazon.*

▻  A stand up weeder* is a lifesaver and you should get one.  Who cares if you look like a weirdo, just get it.

▻  Downspout extensions,* while typically unattractive and sometimes a trip hazard, are very helpful in keeping water away from your foundation.  And that is hugely important.

Tool Related

▻  If you're not big into having tools around, get yourself a multi-tool.*  It's super handy, very portable, and covers a load of bases.  I have a Leatherman* that I pocket every time I know I'll be fixing something away from home.

▻  Safety is key when using tools.  Keep those eyes in your head with some safety glasses* and while you're at it, get some hearing protection* too.  Work gloves* protect your hands from splinters and scratches and if you wanna get real jiggy with it, get a work apron.*

▻  My cordless drill of choice?  Dewalt*

▻  Looking for a jigsaw?  Great idea!  I like Bosch.*

Energy Savers

▻  A smart thermostat* is a terrific investment that pays you back -- create schedules for home/not home and watch the utility savings go up rather than your bill.  My choice?  Ecobee.*

▻  The Kasa line of smart products* are terrific money savers.  Just like the thermostats, create schedules to turn things on and off and watch your savings pile up.

▻  Switch/outlet insulators,* while seemingly silly, do block those sneaky drafts.  Besides, they're so inexpensive, why not?!


▻  Test wall colors the fast, mess-free, super easy way with Samplize* peel and stick samples.  They're made with real paint, the actual colors, they ship overnight so you don't even need to get out of your 'jammies, and they're awesome.

*The items marked with an asterisk are affiliate links from various locations, including Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, Joann, ecobee, Etsy, Samplize, and others to be noted.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.