All the Changes

Here's a list of all the changes we've made in the house to date, and holy crap, it's a lot.  No wonder I'm so pooped!  And man, I am nowhere near done either, whooie.  I think these are mainly the bigger highlights; by no means is this everything I've done.  Yeah, I need a nap now.

Why have I outlined all the changes?  Not to toot my own horn.  Sometimes it feels like I haven't gotten anything done around here so in order to remind myself of how far we've come, I thought I'd write it all out.

Plus, it's a handy reference!

Living room:

Dining room:
First floor bath:
My office:
Upstairs hall:
Master bedroom:
Master bath:
Hall bath:
Hall bedroom:
Mike's office:
Back Stair:
If you're looking for a general overview, a house tour of sorts, current as of early 2016 you can start here for part one and then onto here for part two.

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