Updates to Updates: Joybird and Interior Define.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Interior Define Tatum sectional
Shockingly, so quickly, we have updates to updates:  Joybird and Interior Define!  And exhilarating ones at that!

I'm not gonna lie, and as it's well established that my life generally rolls as a textbook version of Murphy's Law, I, despite not doing it, normally have to keep my expectations and hopes in check.  I know that sounds grim and dismal; it's not meant to.  I merely have that kind a' luck.  *shurg*

Catching back up with this Joybird and Interior Define update today though, as last we left off I chattered on about how aggrieved we were with that Joybird Hyland sofa.

Joybird Hyland sectional
When it first arrived, it was disappointing off the bat and as such, Joybird sent us a replacement which was fine enough and appreciated but over time, it was not.

While I had no ulterior motives behind communicating our couch status three-ish or so years in on social media other than to inform others about our experience, wildly, Joybird saw my Instagram post.  And emailed me.

I know.  I was completely surprised.  

Even more surprised when they wanted to make it right.  Wow!  Iiii know!

First, under their warranty policy, they offered to send a repair person to figure out the squeaking.  The busted zipper wouldn't be repaired.

Mere moments later though they sent a follow-up email saying they wanted to send us an entirely new replacement couch.

Whaaaaaat......?  They volunteered that.  Yeah, I know, I was stunned too.

I should qualify:  a replacement couch within their specified budget which is fine and very generous.  Perusing their website with that budget parameter, there wasn't anything that would work for us plus everything would be smaller than what we already had.  

But regardless and more importantly, we had long moved on by this point.  We ordered our Interior Define Tatum sectional back in March 2022, stilllll awaiting its arrival that December.

Huh.  Generous offer from Joybird indeed and I absolutely appreciated it.

Got to thinking though, so I asked if they would be willing to send something else within that budget range though I had no idea what.

First they said ehhhhh that's not normally our policy but what would you be interested in?

Perusing their site again, I landed on two Catalina patio chairs, under budget.  How 'bout that, I inquired.

In yet another incredible twist, they said yes, we'll do a one-timer exception and send you two of those chairs.  I kinda really couldn't believe it.

Within two weeks, the chairs arrived and wow holy cats and dogs, I had not checked the dimensions of these chairs which is very atypical of me since that's something I always do and wow, they're huge, ha!

Joybird Catalina outdoor patio chair
Don't let this photo fool you, this chair is huge!
But they're actually pretty cool. Mike even gave me a hearty nod of approval.  

They're exceptionally roomy, heh again because I hadn't checked the size but they'll be terrific on our patio once warmer weather hits.  Great for games and firepit time!

The cushions are, as par for the course, a bit firm and stiff but for outside, that'll be fine.

In the biggest astonishing twist of all, Joybird offered to come pick up that old Hyland couch and haul it away at no charge.  ................Right?!  

And they did!  We didn't have to move it, didn't have to figure anything, and best of all, we didn't have to resort to the worst option of hauling it out to the alley (where it would not have disappeared so easily) or have it go to a landfill.

Wow.  So in the end, while we did not enjoy our Joybird Hyland sectional and we regret that purchase, Joybird did bend over backward to make things right with us which I deeply respect.  They stepped up to the plate.  Thank you, Joybird!

Now we'll see how the Catalina chairs work out!  It was a trick finding patio furniture covers* in a large enough shape to fit them but *bow,, wink* I got it.

In yet another big startling twist, I am so dizzy with all these twists, the Inteiror Define Channing Tatum couch arrived.  Un-freakin'-believable.  

Interior Define Tatum sectional in Cobalt
I mean, if you're gonna name a couch Tatum, naturally Channing, right?

I had been following the on-the-ground saga in Facebook groups which was terrible for my mental stability as duly noted by Mike who looked at me side-eyed anytime I mentioned anything Interior Define.

If you read some of the articles I shared in the previous post, you'd know that Interior Define had a monster meltdown, aspects of their business were purchased by Havenly, and the rest went to liquidation.  


Meaning too, many people who placed orders and paid in full were not getting their orders, maybe not their money back either.

Panic consumed me.  We weren't hearing much of anything though I did have one elusively vague contact who was trying to assist as best he could given the situation.  Every Interior Define employee who was left was left out of every loop and I was stressin' hard.

But it showed up.  It's here.  I think I'm still in shock.

another view of the Interior Define Tatum sectional sofa
It's been here a couple weeks now and I'm still in shock.  Finn's not, he love love loves this Tatum sectional.

And it's beautiful.  The color is rich, deep, luxurious, glorious, and gorgeous.  Mike picked it, Cobalt.  He wanted their green velvet but I uh, it was a lot of green for me.  Very pretty but mm, a lot of green.  The velvet fabric is lush, plush, and super soft.

corner edge of Interior Define Tatum sectional
How 'bout that Tumble washable rug too?!
(Oh, is it a dog fur highlighting, dog slobber magnet, this Cobalt?  Yes, yes it is.  Is it already covered in defensive blankets?  Yes, yes it is.)

Thankfully there was zero damage, no moldy mildewy smell as some others had reported since all the furniture had been held hostage in unconditioned shipping containers for four, five, six or more months.

And while I definitely measured our space, the old Hyland couch, and made sure to note the Channing Tatum dimensions, I forgot how expansive it was.

That storage ottoman is freakin' enormous.  Gigantic, omg.  And I think we ended up with foam instead of the down-lined cushions like the rest of the couch.  But, it's ok, Finn's very into it.  That's all that matters as that corner spot with the ottoman is His Spot, his home base.

Interior Define Tatum sectional storage ottoman open
Seymour raawwrrr, hahaha.
Have I stored anything in the ottoman yet?  Nope.  I'll get there.

But I do have that Chom Chom* at the ready and I highly highly recommend you get one too.  Couches, rugs, people, that thing is magic.  That's almost a Channing Tatum movie reference.

I will note, just like the new vacuum,* Finn abhors the Chom Chom and flies into a murderous rage when either comes out.  Gonna order me some of them knife gloves* and maybe a chainmail suit to protect myself.

In the end, despite the horrifying sh*tshow with Interior Define, and trust me, I know we're one of the very very very lucky ones despite waiting ten and a half months for our sectional to arrive, I love it.  

living room view with Interior Define Tatum sectional
That tv wall is so blank, sigh.  Still love the console though.
It's so comfortable.  The deep cushions are enveloping.  The couch feels sturdy and well-built.  Now Mike and Finn er we, torture the poor thing and see how it stands the test of time.

And it better stand a good long test of time because I am utterly drained from four years of couch stress.

Interior Define Tatum sectional from behind
Would I recommend ordering from Interior Define?  No, absolutely not now.  Maybe Havenly will straighten things out, do right, we'll see, but I will absolutely be removing myself from keeping tabs for, fingers crossed, a while.

This living room has come a long way but c'mon it's me, it's never done.

Interior Define Tatum sectional corner with view into foyer
Other projects to read about:  the DIY foyer light fixture, the painted wall, and the 99 Cent Shelf!

In the meantime, find me napping with Tatum.

What?!  No, ha, please, are you kidding?!  I've got sh*t to do.  See you next time with another project!

*The patio furniture covers, Chom Chom rollers, Dyson vacuum, and knife gloves are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. This is my favorite color. It looks sooo good! And I'm glad you finally were able to find something that works for all of you---including Finn, since our critters are family too. And BTW Tatum was in our town (south of Atlanta) filming a new movie---a friend took pictures of him getting a pedicure at a local salon. 😊

    1. Oh nice, that cobalt is definitely an outstanding color to have as a favorite! Thank you very much! Yes, it's such a huge relief, especially for Finn. Can't get him off that darn couch now!

      Oh he was? How cool! I bet those pedicure pictures are fun! Wonder if he has his own Tatum couch.

      Thank you!


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