A Tumble Washable Rug.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tumble washable rug
Well!  How exciting, right?  A rug that’s washable!  Whaaat?!  I know it sounds cuckoo but what a boon!  And thanks to Tumble, we get to test one out!  Thanks, Tumble!

First and foremost, I’m required to let you know that Tumble* sent me this awesome rug free of charge which is remarkably generous.  I was not otherwise compensated for this post and the opinions forthwith are mine. 

All right.  So who couldn’t use a washable rug, amiright?!  Think about it.  We all spill.  We all drop stuff.  Life is crazy messy. 

Many of us have pets, ya know, major mess makers.  We absolutely love our goofball Finn but let me tell you, he’s a slob.  Muddy feeties, slobber, food spiller, treat crumb spreader, fur...Dog. 

Some of us have husbands.  Ahem and uh, while I most certainly love mine, he’s a human Pigpen, and he knows it.  He spills, drops stuff, muddy feet, ya know, a mess maker as well.  He's not a slobber-er though.

Some folks have kids and while we do not, I have seen them and I have seen what they can do. 

Across the board, rugs take a monster beating and let’s be frank, despite our best attempts at keeping them clean, they end up worn and filthy.  It's a fact of life.

It’s exceptionally challenging to find a quality rug that will last, that’s affordable, resilient, and stain resistant.  And the one thing greater-we routinely compromise on is washable as that has always been laughably unrealistic. 

Why have we always compromised on the one thing we all really, desperately need out of a rug?

Well, not anymore.  Thanks to Tumble washable rugs,* we're set.  It’s tremendous. 
view of Tumble washable rug from above
What's that blue thing??  Yes.  Yes, the new couch arrived.  Omg yes, it made it!!
No longer do I fear that bowl of cereal-colored milk tipping off the coffee table.  Or that towel-averse, wet, muddy dog dashing amok.  I am immensely excited and relieved.

Pet-friendly, people-friendly, kid-friendly, life-friendly, washable, spill-proof...I mean, they've solved every issue and I am not joking.  It's real.

In very short order, less than a week, our new Tumble washable rug arrived and guess what, it arrived simply:  in a flat cardboard box.  While it was a bit heavy, it was not hard to manage. 

Tumble washable rug delivery box
Yes, everything must be inspected.
Inside the box you’ll find the rug of course but also a cushioned rug pad which, from what I understand, other washable rug brands do not include.

Right, so open the box!  The rug!  It's nice!  It's so soft and clearly very well made.

contents of Tumble washable rug box
Inside the muslin bag are the instructions for assembly, for care, and a package of rug grippers.

What's the first thing I did after unpacking the rug?  I washed it.

Why?  Because it's washable and that's a key feature here, well, aside from the attractive designs* too.  I wanted to know right off how it handled being washed.  Plus, in reading up online, I hadn't seen mention of the rug actually being washed.

Hoofed it down to the fancy pants laundry room and, considering the Petra Silver we received is an 8' x 10', it did take some maneuvering to get it into the washer but in it went.  The whole rug.  In the washer.  Wow.  Right?!

It washed up lovely, looked exactly like it came out of the box, so then into the dryer it went on low.

Out it came and.....?? 

Perfect!  Not a wrinkle.  No curling edges or corners.  Still just like it came out of the delivery box.  So, a thousand percent yes on the washable aspect of the rug.  Seriously.  Holy. Cow.

Do note, because it is washable and meant to fit into washing machines, the rug itself is on the thinner side, similar to an Oriental-type rug.  Not that that's bad because it's not.

Now to install.

This is easy.  

Pick your spot and start laying out the rug pad.  

Here we pre-planned for our future couch, shifted the old rug a hair then placed painters tape* in two corners as a guide to align the new in the spot we wanted.

taping corners of old rug for new rug placement
Got me some spiffy new slippers* too.
The waterproof, cushioned rug pad is similar to those rubber puzzle piece floor mats but obviously much higher quality.  Make sure you do this in the exact spot the rug is going as the non-slip aspect is very much that; it won't slide once assembled.

laying out rug pad foam pieces
Each piece is numbered and there's a map on the instructions for layout making this very easy.

connecting rug pad pieces together
I lucked into an assistant!  Thanks, Mike!

foam rug pad assembled
Look at Finn's cute little face watching me take a picture, so sweet!
Next, lay the rug over the pad.  What's extra excellent about this rug are the corners because everyone knows corners curl.  

laying rug over pad
You'd never know this rug had been washed and dried in machines.  Amazing.
Here, on the underside are little corner pockets that you tuck the pad into.  That keeps the corners flat.

Tumble washable rug corner pockets for pad

Tumble considered every aggravating thing about a rug and fixed it.

If you've got some creases from shipping, don't panic.  You can either wait for them to relax, which they will, or you can use a low-heat iron to knock them out.  Easy peasy.

Move your furniture back and enjoy!  And by enjoy, I mean en-freaking-joy your new low-maintenance, easy care, washable Tumble rug that resists spills and stains like nobody's business.

new Tumble washable rug and new Interior Define couch
Who's a happy boy?!  His parents are ecstatic!  More on the couch later...
And this rug sheds liquids.  For real, it's 100% spillproof which I inadvertently tested doing some light clean-up to prep for these photos.  Finn haaaates our new vacuum* with a raging passion so he knocked over a plant and some water trying to attack me and the vacuum.  

spilled plant dirt on new Tumble washable rug
The water beaded up, did not soak in at all, and the plant dirt sat on the surface, didn't burrow deep into the fibers.

So you merely blot liquids up!  Plant dirt?  Yeah, that vacuumed completely out.  No harm, no foul.  The care instructions say avoid being aggressive with a vacuum which is fine by me.  I loathe vacuuming.

Tumble washable rug in living room
I have to say, I am quite looking forward to our time together, us and our spiffy new Tumble washable rug.*  It's going to be a dream.  For a limited time, get $20 off your order using this specific link!*

new Tumble washable rug and Tatum couch with Finn
Sweet dreams, buddy!

*The Sorel slippers, painters tape, and Dyson V8 vacuums are Amazon affiliate links.  The Tumble washable rug links are affiliate links for 3 months from publishing date as well.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. Thanks for this post. Is the Petra Silver a true gray rug? Or does I have blue undertones? Thanks

    1. It’s definitely a cooler gray/silver color. The screen shows it as quite blue but there’s very little blue undertone. Hope that helps!


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