DIY Dowel Decor: Recessed Can Light Shades.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

diy dowel decor recessed can light shades
Ok, this may seem a weird entry into the DIY dowel decor arena, or you're going to think I'm weird or off my rocker but honestly?  These are cool, dammit, these spiffy recessed can light shades.  And Mike thinks so too.

How did this one come about?

Wellll.  So the hallway upstairs....

Which I have not updated you on of late.  Oh, oops.

Remember the painted half-round?  Right, so, happily, Mike was thrilled with this paint venture.  Very thrilled in fact.  More so than I expected thrilled.

So much so, when we happened to be in the hall together discussing said half round, he waved his hand around and said, "bubbles.  Down the hall."

And I was all like ahhh gosh diggity-do, all righty then!

Turns out I misinterpreted his definition of "bubbles" and had instead went with mine.  Whoooops.  I think he's still happy with it though?  I can say he was surprised.  "I meant bubbles," with a wave of the hand.  Ok, yeah, he likes it very much, he says.

before and after with painted circles on walls
Before, after, and a mess all in one.
But let's thank him for taking the idea one step further and making it even grander!

Oy jeez though, I'm up there taking photos of these can light shades just now and I redesigned the whole dang hall in my head again to highlight this project.  Welp.  All right.  Added to list.

Right, so, okay.  

Long have I been pondering the recessed can lights in the hall as, while I am a general fan of recessed lights, it felt like these were a missed design opportunity in that the lighting could be way cooler.

recessed can light before
Before.  Outside our bedroom.
I had pondered more of those recessed can conversion kits which are super fab but at fifteen bucks plus per,* plus new light fixtures, that idea added up fast.

Along came Hometalk with their fun program, me selecting dowels off their list of course because it seems I have a quirky fixation with them lately (but c'mon, they're cool, you can make multitudes of cool things...).

In actuality, this was the first of the projects I came up with but I was concerned it was too whackadoo.  But, I assembled it anyway, nervously showed it to Mike, and he delivered a big giant stamp of approval.

So what do you need for this?  Pretty simple really:
project supplies
That last bit, the tape, check your recessed can lights first before buying any installation stuff as it could be the ring is supported by the cone inside the fixture.  Mine are all one piece, the cone and ring, hence the tape.

Although I just spotted this* in fetching links for you and am terribly curious.  Strong, removable, and reusable?!  Huh.  Interesting.

Ok!  This project!  So easy!

Just cut your dowels to random lengths or design it ahead of time and cut dowels to predetermined lengths.  Use a band saw, a miter saw, a hand saw with a miter box,* snap the darn things and have jaggedy ends, any which way is great.

Heat up the hot glue gun.  Sand any splintery dowel ends.

Pull out a goof ring.  What a weird name.  How did this piece of plastic get that name?  Oh, ah.  Anyway.  Start gluing dowels to your goof ring however you want.

gluing dowel pieces on recessed can light goof ring
If you're using the recessed can interior cone to hold your light shade on, be sure to leave clearance for that to happen. 

Once you get all the way around, done!

finished goof ring with dowels
Cut minuscule pieces of tape, you seriously do not need much, tack them onto your goof ring, hike up a ladder, and smush these onto your fixtures.

after with shade unlit and lit
Hi Samson!
Voila!  Tada!
three dowel shades for recessed can lights lit and unlit down hall
You've now crowned your recessed can light with light shade crowns for some awesome DIY dowel decor.  

And for cheap too!

view of two dowel decor recessed can light shades installed
Feel free to paint, stain, seal, or what-have-you the dowels if you'd like.  I liked the variations of colors in the wood itself so I left them as is.

DIY dowel decor recessed can light shades
Fun, right?  So effortless too!

dark hall lit light shade
Just thought this was a wild photo so it's included.

Tada, DIY dowel decor, recessed can light shades!

view of two recessed can light dowel shades

*The wood dowels are a Home Depot affiliate link.  The goof rings and sandpaper are a Lowes affiliate link.  The hot glue sticks and hot glue guns are Michaels affiliate links.  The recessed can conversion kits, acrylic dowels, double-sided tapes, and hand saws with miter boxes are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


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