Dollar Store DIY Decor: Candle Holders.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

shower curtain ring votive candle holders

Hey, I'm back with another episode of Dollar Store DIY Decor!  This time it's candle holders.

Sure, I know, I just mentioned how I've got a slew of outstanding projects around the house needing attention.  But.  The lovely folks at Hometalk dropped me a line inviting me to participate in their new Ideation Think Tank and I could not resist.

The irony of one of those major projects being the background for my photos in this is not lost on me.

Luckily this time walking in the door at the ol' new Dollar Tree,* my brain didn't shut off and I ended up with too many ideas.  I had to kick myself outta there.

So let's get started, shall we?

Now note, right, I did use superglue (when did superglue become one word?) in every one of these but you're welcome to pick a glue that works for you such as hot glue* or that E6000* stuff that I can't ever get to work.  

Note too, and I apologize, I was tight on time so while these may not appear to be perfectly executed, they certainly can be and my pace is no reflection upon the grade of the ideas forthwith.

All righty.  In no particular order, Dollar Store DIY Decor:  Candle Holders number one, Black and Gold.

black and gold diy dollar store votive candle holders
Here's my supply list:
strips of leather cut from an old belt

A quick image search online for "modern pattern" and oodles of eye candy pops up, so grab some inspiration and a metallic marker and hop to doodling.  Or not; even plain these black votives in their final assemblage have an upscaled look.

Draw whatever you like, these markers from the craft section* are strikingly great and come in various colors.  

Invert one votive, glue the second to the first with the superglue.

black and gold diy candle holder supplies through assembly collage
Sure, the belt wasn't a dollar store find, it came from my stash of supplies, but they are inexpensive at thrift stores.  Cut a strip, wrap it around where the two votives meet, and glue.  And done!

And next, here we've got Dollar Store DIY Decor:  Candle Holders number two, Stone Rings.

faux stone votive candle holder made of shower curtain rings

Here's the supply list for this one:
scrap wood or cardboard
black spray paint* (or acrylic paint* or a Sharpie/permanent marker* works too)
metallic marker* (optional)

This one has been kicking around my brain for a bit now, so thanks, Hometalk, for the butt kick to work out a version of this.

Open up the package and over a piece of scrap wood (I used a piece of wood lath) or cardboard, trace the inside and cut the piece out.

With some superglue, stick that piece inside a ring.

collage of images of supplies and assembly of shower curtain ring candle holder
Key here folks, make sure the rings are fully snapped closed, otherwise they won't lay flat.

Now just glue the rings together.  Somewhere in there place your piece with the wood/cardboard depending how deep you want the candle to sit.  And by candle, I mean LED candle* as a real votive would likely melt the crap out of this thing and cause a fire.

Next I sprayed some rings black with spray paint, sprayed the remaining rings with primer (not shown), and then with the decorative faux stone spray.  That stone spray is weird, man.  It takes like five to six hours to dry too, fyi.

Accent with a metallic marker, or not, up to you, and voila!

Now sure, this likely needs to sit up a little higher so you can't peer in and see the ring connections.  And yes, the connection side, hide it as the back.  And yes too, be better than me at aligning so things are darn straight.  But still, workable idea!

Heh, I know, more?  I told you, too many ideas.  Now we've got Dollar Store DIY Decor:  Candle Holders number three, Wood Dowel Nests.

dollar store votive candle holder creating wood dowel nests
And the supply list on this one is straightforward:
1 package of wood dowels*

These you could fall into a zen zone and keep cranking, gluing and stacking and gluing and....  

Grab a bag of the wood dowels, cut them to various random lengths, then sand up the splintery ends.

Drop a few down, dab some glue to connect then build up.  Dab, dowel, dab, dowel, then let it dry.  Feel free to stain the dowels beforehand or paint, or paint after.  

supplies and assembly of dowel nest votive candle holders collage
Then glue the votive holder to the dowel nest top, and tada!  Easy!  And no one will have the same one!

And for good measure, one more, why not....Dollar Store DIY Decor:  Candle Holders number four, possibly my favorite of the bunch, Block Ties.

wood block craft cube DIY votive candle holder using elastic hair ties

Supply list here:
1 package of elastic hair ties*
1 package of wood craft cubes*

Pop open one of those packages of craft cubes, I gotta get more of them, I don't know why or what for but I need them, and glue them into four by four squares, or whatever size fits under your votive.

I opted for two levels but feel free to make different shapes or go taller or do it differently.

Stick the two layers together, done.

supplies and assembly of wood cube and elastic hair ties diy votive candle holder collage
Grab the votive holder and the elastic hair ties, then wrap the hair ties around the votive glass.

Glue the glass to the block stand and a-HA, nice!  Again, an LED might be best here, don't wanna melt the elastics.  So simple yet shockingly modern!

As you've gathered, all of these projects are incredibly inexpensive to make.  And very effortless.  They're great crafts for you but also simple enough for kids too.  

And if you're not into candle holders, no worries, perhaps there was something here that sparked a thing in regards to that other thing over there and now you've got a direction.

So how 'bout it, Dollar Store DIY Candle Holders!  Thanks, Hometalk!

*The links to supplies are a mix between Dollar Tree and Amazon affiliate links with an occasional Home Depot link or two.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. So when are you opening a storefront? These are all great ideas sure to inspire tons more--in fact my wheels are turning as I type.

    I like the shower curtain rings direction and would probably embrace/exaggerate the unevenness of the stack for a more unpredictable stacked look.

    For a while now I've been yearning to do something with twigs and maybe having them glued vertically all around a glass votive might not be a bad start. And I sure got a choice of glues so what do I have to loose? To kick it up a notch maybe consider a lantern type enclosure for more output of light and a fancier pattern?

    This always happens. I get distracted by some new fun ideas and end up playing with those instead of finishing what I already started. Now I have you to blame.

    1. Dammit, I ruined your day, sorry (not sorry).

      Ah, woot, imagination fired up! How exciting that you're seeing different ways these ideas could go, you've got three ideas on the burner already, now you're totally distracted and not finishing other things. Sweet, I accomplished something today! Let's go make candle holders all day, shall we?

      As always, so thrilled to hear from you, thank you!


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