Final Final First Floor Bathroom Reveal.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hey!  Hey hey!  Finally!!

Seriously, people.  I cannot believe this bathroom is done.  Still.  Like done.  Like, no more work in that room.  None.  I think I've been wandering aimlessly in shock for a while now.  Either that or standing motionless, staring blankly off into the distance....

This is a big deal.  I finished something, heh.

Although.  Now that we've reached this point, Mike asked me to frame a handful of concert photos he took, hang them up in there.  He calls it the rock n' roll bathroom, "so it should have some rock n' roll."  So, heh, guess I'm not as done as I thought.

But it's done enough to show off to you, my patient ones.

What were some of the wrap-up niblets after the schwanky cabinets went in?  Well.....

The baseboard and quarter round nose.  Eons ago I had picked some up (which is stellar as it appears no one sells this 5 1/4" base anymore), all I had to do was toss it in there.

adding molding and trim to the base
I had this dilemma so I set the large cabinet away from the wall, ran the baseboard all the way back, the quarter round ends at the cabinet base.
Granted the baseboard piece behind the sink and toilet was uh, eh, a struggle to weasel in there especially as I was absolutely not removing either fixture ever again.  And I snapped the quarter round but luckily and thankfully that break is well hidden behind the toilet.

Tacked it on with my deluxe finish nailer, gooped up the holes and gaps and edges with wood putty* and caulk, slathered on a coat of white satin paint and bam, ta-da!, baseboard.

caulking along the baseboard top
I did debate, white caulk or black caulk.  Went white.  Used that spiffy tape trick.
Repainted the door trim in and out while I was at it too.  Done!  And it felt sooooo good.  Not sure what it was particularly but so good.  I may have high-fived myself.

Next, in an effort to have the middle cabinet door prop up and stay open by itself, I tried one of those folding supports.*  Tried.  The directions....I don't even....just not working for me.

package with hinge instructions
I mean, they're not unclear but in a way they are.  Or maybe I have an instructions mental block.
Mainly I couldn't measure from the hinge center like it shows because my hinges were different than what was depicted.  I figured hey, what's the whoop, shouldn't matter, right?  I dunno, maybe it did.

trying to figure out hinge
Well but huh, isn't it supposed to be 90°?  No?  That's what the directions showed measurement-wise.
having trouble with the hinge installation
Why won't it shut?  What am I doing wrong here?
Ugh soooo stupidly frustrating.  After searching online for clues, which all I could find was "follow the directions," I remembered I have that DIYZ app (now defunct).  Not only does it have instructions for projects, but ah ha, you can get instant live help.  Live.  Instant.  Yessss.

Dropped everything, dialed up straight away.  A friendly guy named Vince answered the line instantaneously and understood exactly was I was trying to accomplish.  I couldn't find a way to spin the camera around so it was on the project rather than my frazzled face; maybe I need to look harder.  That made it tricky to show him what was going on.

Regardless, he concluded I needed to move the part attached to the cabinet inside up a distance.  He, like I, was unsure of how far but he suggested an inch and a half.  Ok cool, thanks!  Click.

hinge installed but not right
More holes.
After trying that and finding that nope, that won't work, I gave up.  Too frustrated I was.  Clearly one must belong to the Folding Support Secret Society of Ways to Install.

Now I have a bunch more holes and a scrape on the inside.  Sigh.

more problems with the hinge
Nope.  Nope nope nope worse.  Rats.
It's ok though.  I'll just use my head to prop the door open, screw it, whatever.

Point of the story really?  It was very cool and very comforting to get instant help, I'll tell ya.  If I get cornered again in the future, I will definitely ring up that app.

Too, added two shelves inside the largest cabinet which freed up oodles of space in the middle cabinet.  Thumbs up for that.

gold paint inside cabinet with two storage shelves

Of course something easy that should have taken a mere twenty minutes at best turned fiasco, an hour.  Sigh, heh.  Ahhh me.  My luck has been for sh*t lately.

But moving on....

Mike, my cell phone photographer extraordinaire as we well know, asked if instead of installing a second shelf on the cabinets, if I would frame a photo of his.  Well duh, yeah of course babe!

He sent me this cool shot of a banner down near my grad school alma mater that he snapped I think on my birthday.  We were out to eat at Eleven City Diner which omg, if you're in Chicago, you must must eat there.

He doctored the photo a little and I hemmed and hawed about how best to display it.  How best?  A floating frame.*

floating frame for Mike's photography

I had ridiculously grandiose ideas about building my own but found one at Joann* for less than the headache/heartache/hassle/monetary drain it would have cost me.  Mike wasn't sold on my theory but he did suggest the frame match the insides of the cabinets, gold.

After a minor runaround with the photo printing, it was time to assemble and hang.

adding wire to floating frame back
Oooooh, what a bad photo, sorry.
Gleefully there is a strip of wood way up top between the bricks so I packed a nail in there, strung some superfine wire through the frame and we were good to go.

test hanging the floating frame in the bathroom on a brick wall
And then it's like extra floaty 'cuz ya can't see the wire!  Ah ha!
floating frame with Mike's photograph in it

Spiffy, right?  Good job Mike!

Remember I said my words would bite me in the butt?  Yeah well, on a separate visit to HomeGoods I found two interesting bottle-ish things to dress up the top of the large cabinet.

view of floating frame with Mike's photograph hanging on brick wall

Now.  Before you point and laugh at me all judge-y, in all honesty I purchased them because I was entering the bathroom into a design contest and thought it a requirement that I should accessorize.  Soooo, yeah, that's my excuse.

The round gold thing on the shelf by the concrete tissue box cover which you'll see below came from Joann Fabrics and of course it's no longer available.  The Hudson 43 Large Metal Decor Ball.  Their stuff changes over so fast.  I thought it was nifty, something that I'd like for years to come, that could land in various locations with ease.

The spikey wall things?  Again, you'll spot them below.  Thought those were darn cool too.

Originally I passed them up but then they plagued me for a week.  When something plagues me like that, a rarity, I gotta get it.  Target.  Gold Sea Urchin Wall Decor.  

Once up on the wall they suddenly seemed so much smaller than I anticipated but as I sank three screws into the wall through the wallpaper, I uh, yeah, can't move them now.  Unless that's where I put Mike's concert pictures, hm.

I kept the toilet paper holder* because hey, I still think it's peachy keen.

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If I missed anything at all, the handy search bars, of which I believe heh there may be two, should be able to help you.

So.  Are you ready?  Really really ready?

Let us not forget the overly-staged before.  Have your vomit bucket handy.

bathroom before
I can't even......We bought this house?!
Okayyyyy, here we go!!

Dunh duhnuh dun duh-nunuuhhhhhh, the finished first floor bathroom!  You scroll, I'm passing out.

renovated bathroom after
I did some camera learning so the following pictures should be better than usual.  Yay!
view of diy bowling alley pedestal sink and skull wallpaper

view of custom designed and built cabinets

view into finished DIY renovation of bathroom

view of custom DIY cabinets and skull wallpaper

faux rust panels on reclaimed wood shelf with faux concrete tissue box decor

maple bowling alley counter pedestal sink with round mirror and skull wallpaper

view of Mike's photography hanging on wall

exposed brick with diy storage cabinets

hairpin leg on bowling alley sink
Heh, I didn't intend for the toilet, the only thing that did not change, to be the focal point of this shot but ah well.
Done.  Wow.

And how much did this cost, oh queen of all things budget?, you inquire.  Under one thousand bucks.  Granted $1000 seems like a hefty sum but in the grand scheme, it's far less than the $3-5000 one might normally spend.  And really, that's heh, like $250/year at my completion speed so pffffttt, nothin'!

My dad, heh, he was funny.

"What are you going to do if you finish the house?," he asked, "Start over?," a flash of a glimmer in his eye.

"Start over.  Or sell."  He smirked, "sell?"  Ok he's right, "Start over."

Love my dad.

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*The wood putty, folding supports, floating frames, and wall mount magazine basket toilet paper holder are Amazon affiliate links.  The float frame I purchased is a Joann Fabrics affiliate link.    Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. This is the coolest bathroom I've ever seen. You. Are. Awesome.

    1. You are the coolest with your awesome comment. Thank you! xoxo

  2. Thank you very much i like too read your blog

  3. How wonderful your blog post . I have seen this blog carefully . Thank you .

  4. Wow..just should be very proud ..that room is completely AWESOME!!

    1. Thank you so very much! I'm thrilled you like it!

  5. At first, I didn't know what to think. But, by the last pic, I could really see your creative genius. Love creativity! I can visualize the toilet being an oil rubbed bronze color. Seriously. What about some porcelain paint in your color of choice on that toilet? We owned some property once that had chocolate brown toilet, sink and tub and we really liked it.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate your super kind compliments!

      Ya know, I hadn’t thought of that. That would probably be pretty interesting! Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. The bathroom looks like something that would be inside a night club. The skull wallpaper and black ceiling paint gives it that look. It’s well done, just not my cup of tea.😏

    1. I’m a design risk-taker and like to have fun so I realize my taste is not for everyone, no worries! Thanks for the kind words!

  7. The bathroom looks like something that would be inside a night club. The skull wallpaper and black ceiling paint gives it that look. It’s well done, just not my cup of tea.😏

  8. The bathroom looks like something that would be inside a night club. The skull wallpaper and black ceiling paint gives it that look. It’s well done, just not my cup of tea.😏


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