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Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Monday.

Already I've launched barbecue sauce water all over the kitchen wall, trying to clean out an empty bottle.  Sprayed myself with the kitchen faucet.  Squrited Hailey's fish oil pill all over my shirt.

Definitely Monday.

Since it can be hard sometimes to get going, let's start a new thing:  Motivation Monday.  Or as the kids these days like to say, #MotivationMonday.  Oh, I see it's already out there.  Ok, let's spread it around some more then.

After I wrote about changing out a kitchen faucet, never having done that before but just dove in and did it, thinking how hard could it possibly be, I heard from my friend Jenny.  I love her, she's the coolest, always doing cool stuff, just all around cool.  She told me that my post motivated her to take care of some nagging plumbing issues of her own, sending me photos too!  That made me feel good, that something I said motivated someone to try something new and have a successful outcome.

I also heard from my mom on that post too, that she had some plumbing issues, could I come help!  Heh, I'm far from a master plumber, that's for sure.  Knowing that she went ahead and fixed her kitchen sink all on her own once, which impressed me greatly, I said I know you can handle it.

Though, having replaced a kitchen faucet, then installed an Ikea sink, put together a spiffy bathroom vanity, and then also installed a wall mount sink, none of which leak and they all function, huh, I dunno, maybe my plumbing skills are better that I thought.

Yesterday evening I was texting with Mike's manager Ken (I do some work for them so no, it's not weird) when he mentioned that he's been reading my blog.  He said he's got a linen closet that he's reworking and wanted to show me his ideas.  Mike then told me that Ken curtailed his wife from tossing out some slats that made up the closet shelving, saying he read my blog and he wants to find a way to reuse them.  I was pretty flattered.  And I hope I didn't just embarrass you, Ken.

The point here?  On days where I've skim-coated my kitchen in barbecue sauce, smell like a nasty tin of sardines, clothes dripping in water, it's hearing about how something I wrote motivates someone to do something they might not ordinarily do that keeps it going for me.

Thanks guys!  Keep letting me know what you're up to so I can keep filling you with motivation!

Ok, off to hose off and towel up and figure out my day!  Oh wait, no photos.  You know what that calls for:  Hailey!

At her favorite place, Humboldt Park, the neighborhood namesake

What gets you guys motivated?

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