Clever DIY Hand Towels!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I managed to squeak in this quickie towel project yesterday for our main bathroom.  As you may recall, I used a hunk of bowling alley as our vanity top seen here and cobbled together quite the nifty assemblage. 

For this funky little DIY custom hand towel project I used:

  • a drawer pull
  • towels
  • grommets
  • 2" binder (or aka loose leaf) rings

I already had the grommets and binder rings, so the project cost me about $4.00 to put together.

In subtly keeping with the bowling theme without being overtly and annoyingly theme-y, but thinking about towels and that bowling alley ball return machine where the towels usually, or used to hang, (am I dating myself?) I attached a drawer pull to the wall as a towel rack.  Simple, $2 towel rack.

drawer pull on wall as towel bar

The other day I picked up a three pack of inexpensive white towels that reminded me of bowling alley towels and tucked one into the handle.  Looked sloppy and pathetic.  So after a few minutes of thought, analyzing options, I decided grommets and binder rings were the solution.  And zipadeedooda, totally works!

preparing to hammer grommets through towels

In three minutes, I had custom towels for my bathroom!

using ring to connect

If you've never used grommets before, it's super simple, don't be intimidated.  Snip a small hole in your project piece, thread it onto the tube shaped grommet, place it onto the metal banging base (not shown), slide the grommet ring over the tube part, place the metal squishing tool over it and bang away with the hammer.  It's almost therapeutic, the hammering, if only the process took longer I suppose.

Always be sure to smash away with a piece of wood or something under your project as a buffer so you don't unintentionally break something like your tile floor or counter top or what-have-you.

Seriously, three minutes later, I kid you not, I had custom towels.

towels with grommets hanging on wall like bowling alley

hand towels hanging on drawer pull

If these fall apart too fast, I'll pick up some slightly heftier towels, but the flimsiness of these really reminded me of bowling alley towels.  Or, since they're inexpensive enough, I could always get more.  Whaddya think?

The pace is about to pick up around these parts, so stay tuned!

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