Paint, people. Paint!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm not sure why I wait to do labor intensive things until muggy sticky hot hot hot days.  But it seems I do.  Like oh ok, why don't I go in the 5000 degree garage and put up some hooks for yard tools?  Yeah, good idea, brain.  Ack!  Hot!  Well, at least hooks are up as are yard tools.  Craziness, I tell ya, craziness.

Today, again, I went downstairs and something came over me.  (What is in the air down there?!  I dunno.)  I just had to paint the stairway.  It's rough on the eyes, rough on my stomach, going from nice nice color to jarring dog vomit yellow to nice nice color.  Even though the basement itself has a temporary color in some areas, I couldn't handle the stairway any longer.

view down the basement stair
Before.  Dog vomit  yellow.  Worst. Color. Ever. Invented.
Rifling around my paint stash, I found Gravel, the color I painted the kitchen last fall.  Somehow there was nearly three quarters of a can left so bingo, temporary stairway color!

view up the basement stair
After.  Gravel.  Much better.
I know, I know, you've heard it a million zillion boring trillion times, and it sounds uber-cliche but people, paint your houses.  Please.  Paint.  Paint paint paint.  White, black, anything in between, just paint.  Paint one wall.  Paint your ceiling.  Paint your floor.  Paint patterns.  Do the whole room.  But just paint.

painted wall down the basement stair

Paint is a magical thing and no joke, no matter how many times I do it, (and it's been a lot, whooie) it blows my mind how it transforms your space instantaneously.  Paint makes your space your own, it gives it personality, life, color of course, it eases your mind, provides comfort, refreshes you, updates and changes the room, gives you a new perspective on your home, and makes you feel good about yourself.  And who doesn't want to feel good and happy and cozy at home?!

Sounds cheesy and corny and all sorts of whack-a-doo, but I challenge you to paint a room and tell me none of that is true.

I can't tell you how to paint your place, try as many others might.  I will tell you to just try it.  If you like a color, try it.  If a color scares you, give it a whirl.  It's only paint; you can paint right over it if you don't like it.  Break the rules.  You don't have to follow the fancy booklets or groupings of pre-picked go-together colors on the paint chips.  Seriously.

Try not to hem and haw as you could talk yourself out of something truly fantastic; jump in two feet forward and go forth with roller, my friend.

There are no mistakes, only revelatory discoveries.

Trust me.

Know what can help though too?  Try Samplize* as they've got large format, actual real paint peel and stick samples that ship overnight and are way super cool.

While I was downstairs though, another mission impossible project reared its ugly ugly head at me again.  Laundry room.  (I can hear Mike in my head, squealing.  I see him tossing himself backwards in his chair, hands to head, nooooooooo!!)  That, my friends, is a thought for another day.

Go out and get some paint now, ok?

And since photos are on the slim side today, you get a Hailey.  There's never enough Hailey in the world.

Hailey curled up in a too small chair
When Hailey was two or so.  With four legs.  Also when I took a chance and painted my living room pink.  It worked too!

*The Samplize link is a Samplize affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. Oh. I thought it was Chalice, not dog vomit yellow. It is a 1930s, 40s color. Dare I tell you it is in room? Just call it pale honey. I promise to paint with only white paint henceforth.

  2. Chalice is much more PC than dog vomit yellow, and makes it sound much more appealing! Pale Honey works too -- maybe I need to readjust my thinking! Don't let me hold you back from trying color other than white though!


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