Ticking things off the list.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It was the corn.  I had corn on Sunday and I'm allergic to it and now I'm paying for it.  Ugh.  I'm sure with the ridiculous amounts of rain we've had, mold counts are way up too which isn't helping me either.  Sadly, it might not be a productive day.

But yesterday I did paint one wall in the pantry that super sweet Lemon Curd color.  I'll tell ya, it's one of my most favorite yellows now.

Apologies for the crummy photo.  I realize painting a wall in the pantry isn't really checking off any major projects I'd like to get done or wrapped up, but I thought it would be cool in there and it makes me happy.  Especially considering there are no windows.  Plus once the floor gets done, it should be a very nifty contrast.

Speaking of the floor, I did drop by Twitchy's place last week, and with the promise of brownies, he kindly said he'd collect some plywood pieces for me.  Hopefully he'll remember; he did have the omnipresent Monster can in his hand again.  He pointed out some half inch solid mahogany pieces which I grabbed but they're too narrow to go with the plywood, so I'll need to figure out a project for those.

But in ticking something off the list, I purposefully opted to head down to the basement, ah yes, the basement, the never ending basement, and get that access panel into the wall for the water shut off.  Not the most exciting thing, but I figured it needed to go in sooner rather than later when I wouldn't have time.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a 6x9 access panel, nothing fancy, something easy to install, something to allow us access.  Ya know, hence the name access panel.  Right, I am on allergy/sinus medicine by the way.

Those white drain parts are so unattractive, I know.  Gotta spray paint them.  Or something.

While I was down there, I thought, huh, maybe I'll do that overly-trendy-right-now thing and cover the toilet and sink wall with pallet wood.  I do think it would look cool, it would hide ALL of the yuck and mess and unfixable damage to the drywall which would be fantastic and tremendously key, and if I get sick of it, I could paint over it.  So we'll see, I'm leaning towards it, but that would mean adjusting the sink.

I was trying desperately to convince myself it'd be ok to surround the sink with the wood strips, but when I picture it finished in my head, it looks so wrong and bad and yeah, no.  So again, we'll see.

But based on that idea, that's how I picked a spot for the panel.  That, and I knew there was a piece of 1x behind the drywall, but I couldn't remember exactly where.  Yeah, I know, I know; I really should have hunkered down and installed the panel when I knew exactly where everything was located.

This particular panel was indeed easy to install.  I opened the package, popped out the panel door part, and using a piece of the pallet wood, placed the frame on the wall in reverse.  Ran a pencil around the inside frame and bam, time for trusty drywall knife.

Lemme tell ya, it is so hard to cut holes in this wall after all the holes that have been cut in this wall.  And patched.  But, it had to be done.

Yep, found the 1x.  I had to move the frame up a bit, retrace, and trim.  No big deal.

Peeking in there, I still don't see where the actual shut off is, but it must be right there somewhere as there's the fancy pants free MeterSave meter that is saving us crazy amounts of money every month.

Grabbing some gooey adhesive in a tube, I squirted it in the fold of the frame then a big bead along the flat side of the frame.  A little mushing, squishing, banging, and it was in.  A little painter's tape to hold it in place, and yay.

The gooey adhesive directions said it cures after twenty four hours, so I should be able to put the panel door in here shortly and it's good to go.  Tick!  Project done!  Nice.

Well, I do want to caulk around the frame, make sure there's no air sneaking in or out.  So, real easy to do; something you can do too in no time at all.

A few moments pass.....

Off to do some concrete patching outside and figuring our rain barrel situation as after that insane storm we had last night, we did end up getting some water downstairs at some point.  Ah rats.  The joys of homeownership, right?!  So much for resting up a bit today.  Oh you know what, I think I know what part of it was.  I think I need another one of those expanding pipe covers, at least to start with.  And maybe not brain-dribble type while on allergy/sinus medicine.

Plus I gotta make brownies for Twitchy....something for dessert for Mike........figure out dinner........achooo!


  1. Mold! You solved my problem. I thought it was allergies, but pollen counts low... so that is it. Humidity be hanged. You are so ambitious!

  2. Mold for you too? I am so sorry! It's terrible, isn't it?!


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