Time. The importance of design. And making a list, checking it twice.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If there's any one truth in the world, it's that there is just never enough time.  Right?

Never enough time to spend with your loved ones, the ones you work so hard at your job for.  Your family, your spouse, your partner, your friends, the ones you care about.  Oy goodness, definitely without a doubt never enough time in the world to spend with your dog.  Or your cat, or your preferred animal companion(s).

Never enough time to get things done.  Never enough time to see and do and go to all the places you'd like to.  All those cool summertime things maybe, fairs, markets, festivals you wish you could get to.  Not enough hours in the day.  Your list is long; the days are numbered.  So many plans, so little time.

Sometimes that lack of time puts things into perspective.  Points out what's truly important in your life.  Helps you focus and mete out your time in such a way that makes you happy.  Or happier.  Or less pissy.  It's a tough thing to do, to find that perfect balance.  I wish I had the magical answer to all your (and my) time questions.

I do think it's important to appreciate your physical habitats as much as you can, if you will, for lack of a less weird term; home and/or work both, at minimum, if your work space is at all possible.  To be able to customize them as you see fit into something that makes you feel good and function well.  It makes the general overall time constraint thing less of a hovering struggle.

Much like paint in its small way, design as a larger whole is very important.  It feeds you in ways you can't put your finger on, ways you can't put to words.  It touches our daily lives literally everywhere whether we notice it or not, affects us all in good ways and bad, sets our mood, our attitudes, affects what we do and don't do.  Which is why good design is so vital.

I see I'm getting all waxy gooey poetic, gobbly philosophical on you in my time contraint-ed times.  Lemme just pull myself outta that sticky sinkhole tar puddle right now, eh, oooph....

Making my list for July, checking it twice.  It's tough to whittle it down to "reasonable."  I can't tell if the things I scribbled down are enough, too much, or not enough.  It becomes a battle of what's most essential to get done, this thing or that.  What will bother me more if it's not done?  (All of it.  Ahem.)  I guess we'll have to see, won't we?!  Tick tock, tick tock.

writing out to-do list in a binder
My handy dandy binder of all things house.  First page is now List.
Stopped by Twitchy's place to deliver the brownies and to check in, see if he saved any wood for me, if there was anything useful in the sidewalk bins.  Turns out he didn't save anything, but hey, it's understandable.  His job is not to collect wood for me.  I did show him photos of the pallet wood blinds; he was unmoved.

I keep asking for little plywood squares, searching for them in the front bins...digging.....forlornly searching........Twitchy told me that those were a one shot deal from a phone book printing company.  Hm.  Rats.  Ugh.  After some enlightenment about his alderman, his new bank loan, and a few other arbitrary topics, I collected some more pieces of 1x that were interesting and took off, saying see ya in a few days.

On my drive home, I was trying to figure out that pantry floor, aw crap, what to do, how do I want it to be, what am I gonna do..... Thinking how important it is to remain flexible when designing or working on a project, especially one that is low budget or in this case, no budget!  What if I can't get any more plywood?  Should I buy a sheet and cut it down?  Kinda defeats the purpose of highly-varied, worn, nail-riddled coolness, now doesn't it there pal?  And free.

Hm.  What to do.  What to do.  What to do.

As it turns out, when I got home and was poking through the pieces I have laid out, most of them are actually 1x.  Huh.  Duh.

working on pallet wood pantry floor
Wow.  Loooooong way to go there, buddy.
Oh yeah, there are those mahogany pieces that are so spiffy.  Some of them have words burnt into them too.  Mmm hm, very cool, right?  What to do with those?  I dunno.

But this revelation reaaalllyyy opens the door for me on what I pick up at Twitchy's.  Whew.  That will speed up the wood collection and I can pick up the pace towards doneness.  Yes.  Good.

Getting that floor that plagues me finished would be a nice, nice accomplishment, making the rest of my list (and all the things that didn't make it onto the list but are looming in the back of my head) not as much of a mental weight.

Or so I'm trying to convince myself of anyway.  cough

Heh, I did put "paint kitchen cabinets" on my list.  Clearly cuckoo crazy person wishful overambitious talk, but ya know, it's good to have goals, right?  You get 100% of what you don't ask for.

Speaking of which, all our appointments for blow-in insulation estimates and Abt got moved to next week as Mike decided to enact his birthday Week of Mike Decree.  I-want-to-go-have-some-fun-on-my-day-off birthday week stuff, so those appointments are all next week now.

We're golfing tomorrow.  Sooo rusty I am.  Yikes!  Let's home I don't end up head first stuck in a pond.

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