The Unplanned List Addition Fixer Day.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sometimes that just happens, something you weren't planning on doing or fixing suddenly will not be ignored any longer, needs doing and fixing.

Take for instance our rain barrel.  Dumb thing.

Yay, #motivationmonday.  Frown.

Yes, it seems the bad is outweighing the good on this darn water collection device.  Great in theory, this free rain barrel.  A monster headache in practice.  Or, at least I haven't quite figured out the dance with it yet.

So yeah, that's not cool, right?  Nope.  That was a couple of weeks ago and that's when our problems started with this thing.  Before this lovely day, I couldn't figure out why the rain barrel was always empty.  Until one day I was out back during a rain and noticed a hole in the side near the bottom.  A fabricated hole, not accidental.  ????  After plugging it up, we got this situation, too much water.

We have a flat roof so we have one gutter and one downspout off the back.  Naive little me didn't realize how quickly the barrel would fill up.  We don't have enough stuff to use the water on either so we end up with disasters like above.

In the end, that's not nearly as bad as the water that keeps seeping into the basement.  I thought my mini concrete patching attempt was going to help, and hopefully it did a little bit, but we've been getting so. much. rain. lately and our yard already has a drainage problem....

Before we had the rain barrel, I had the downspout redirected into the yard by about ten feet and we had zero problems.  As soon as this thing goes on, we have problems.

The original too-much-water set up we had.
So today, in an effort to fix it though it wasn't on my actual list but it was on my secret mental list, I researched online for downspout diverters not knowing they existed but was quite impressed to see a makey-uppy-idea in my head was a real thing, only to find how weirdly expensive they are and the type I wanted wasn't pick-upable locally.  Not willing to wait plus even the least expensive one was still more than I wanted to spend, I ran over to Menards to look at one they have.  (One of the more reasonably priced ones, but still, $28 plus $11 shipping?)

What a frustrating go of it at Menards today.  I just could not find anything.  Not really my fault though, as on occasion they group things together in ways that defy logic.  Luckily, the sales folk were in good moods and helpful.

Nice shot of my right toe.  Neat.
I unpack the diverter along with the dishwasher hose I picked up as it was about the only hose I could find that looked like it would fit.  Concern #1.  Our downspout is 3x4, but the out on the bottom of this gizmo is 2x3.  Hm.  Yes, concern #2.

The hose went on brilliantly and since it was so long, I cut it in half and crammed, crammed it into the other outlet hole hoping that by using the two outlet holes rather than capping one off with their lame cap that will fall right off if you blow on it, that that might help.  Maybe?  Concern #3.

Because I'm not sold that this thing is going to work, I didn't screw it to the house.  It was a mmmph-mmmph and a half to get the darn thingamabob onto the downspout though it sure does slip off easy.  Then the little 2x3 expanding extender piece I bought separately won't really stay on the bottom outlet though it's supposed to....concern #4-5.

After lots of wiggling, maneuvering, cramming, shoving, swearing, zip-tying, head shaking, and lick-and-sticking, it's assembled.  The 2x3 piece is draining into the original flex piece then into the original original ten foot flex pipe.  Concern #6-14.

What the....?  What nutty person devised this set up?
I can't say I'm terribly convinced this doohickey or my screwy rigged system is going to work, but we'll see.  I kept the packaging, just in case, though there's a note in there on screaming hot pink paper, "don't return this to the store!  Call us if you have issues!"  Hm, concern #4,806,032,764,542.

Considering the flow of water we get, it may blow the contraption and my hodgepodge line up to bits.  And if it does, I'll have to step up and get the more expensive parts.  Or shove this barrel into the alley and call it done.

Once I see it working, and working the way it should, I'll secure everything better.  But until then, I will be concerned.  And very very doubtful.  Plus, since I have to drain a hefty portion away, at this juncture I'm wondering what's the point of this dumb barrel.

Sigh.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, would ya?

No word from Mike on his opinion of the office paint.  I suppose no news is good news?

Next task?  Figuring out dinner.  My favorite.  *cough*  Or maybe I'll go work on the guest bath faucet instead as it's loose on the sink.

By the way, today at midnight is the end of voting for my DIY pallet wood vertical blinds over in Instructables' pallet contest.  Might you take a moment and vote for me by clicking here?  Thank you!

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