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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Check.  Mark.  Crossing an item off my list!  Yesssss.

Mike's office is now painted, which hopefully he'll like.  I would have liked it better if he had painted it but, such is time and schedules and he hates to paint soo....

Ah, the real estate listing photo with their fancy fancy lens.  Yep, dog vomit yellow!  *shudder*

Mike said, "dark dark dark blue."  So I tried to oblige.  Twist my arm.  I was thrown off when he said dark as he's never been a dark paint color person.  Or so I thought.  Hey, maybe I've converted him!  That would be excellent.

Here's what I see now at the end of the hallway.  Ahhhhhhh.....sooooo much better.

Sorry, it was tough to get a good photo with the light pouring in from the windows.  It's nearly dry here, so it will still darken up a hair more.  My poor plants.

Nocturne Blue is the color.  It's a Home Depot color but I had it mixed at Menards.  I also broke one of my own recommendations and got cheapy roller covers, making much more work for myself as the paint spattered all over the trim.  Neat.  Yeah, I was thrilled.  Ah well.  It needed repainting anyway.  Sigh.

Vast improvement, yes?  I think so.  Yes, that's a Chia Pet.  Unopened.  Mike made a joke about wanting a Chia Pet for Christmas so I got him one but yet, it goes unopened, unloved, un-Chia-fluffied.  That's Samson in the frame, Mike's dog who we lost to a mean tumor a few years ago.  :(

Mike's office is right next to the library so there's oodles of dark color going on back there now.  Love it.  Love painting dark colors.  Love that this is now checked off the list too!  Yay!!!

Oh, I swung through Twitchy's place the other day, oh, heh, yesterday.  This time I was clever and brought one of the little wood pieces with me to show him what I was collecting.

A photo while I was waiting for him to finish his phone call.
Bingo, super smart!  He asked one of the guys to bring a bin up front and after digging through the whole entire thing, I came away with a bounty.

The bins I'm always sorting through. Pardon my finger in the top left corner.
At this point the floor is half covered, so hopefully I can gather another large pile's worth next week and start installing.  Which got me pondering installation.

Originally I thought maybe I'd glue the pieces down with Liquid Nails but that won't allow me to put some form of insulating layer under it which the more I think about it, it's the needed and right thing to do.  Sooo.  I'll swing by Home Depot and see if they have a small compressor and a nail gun, see how much they charge for that rental and go from there.

Too, I was pondering the stain idea.  I grabbed several of those itty bitty Varathane sample packets but the more I think about it and look at the way the pieces are coming together, I don't want to go hog wild with the stain.  I don't want to wash out the cool variations going on, so I'll have to see.  I do think it needs a slight smidge of evening out in tone and color but not too much or I'll destroy the whole point of collecting all these pieces.  Right?  Right.

What else did I do today?  Oh, I reported our buddy Jose to the BBB.  I'm so sick and tired of trying to reach this p.o.s. guy to no avail so he can fix the leak in our roof like he said he would, that he never fixed the first time by supposedly putting on a new roof.  Had it.  Don't cross me.  Or make me cross.  D o o m for ya if you do.

Still time left in the day.  Hm.  I will check my list.  Or, maybe I'll just pet Hailey for the next few hours until Mike is done with work.

By the way?  The other day, about golf?  Yeah, I sucked.  It was awful.  I was frustrated.  I almost cried.  But!  It was immensely fun to spend the time with Mike on an absolutely gorgeous day on a pretty course, even if he did almost throw me out of the golf cart several times.  He's a maniac.

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