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Monday, July 7, 2014


That was a bad bout of allergy-ness.

I'm sure it was way more than the corn, it had to have been.  The punishment is nearly over though, thank goodness.  Whoooooo.  I was so bored too, I could barely see straight.

Due to those cruel allergies cutting me off at the knees, commanding me to not move from the couch, I missed the holiday.  Well, I missed having any fun at all, I should say.  Or what I should really say is Mike had two days off in a row which is a rarity and hands down, missing spending time with him for two full free days off in a row is immeasurably, painfully worse than missing a national holiday.

He did decide to go to Menards on his own, buy a shelf and some large hooks, then organize his side of the garage.  That was excellent and it looks great!  Though now my side looks like it's in shambles.

Coming out of my allergy fog, I feel overwhelmed with all the things I'd like to get done or need to get done as I watch the sands of the hourglass drain.  July has become so jam packed it feels; it's going to zip right by!  Ack!

I talked to Mike on the phone earlier today, expressing my overwhelmed-ness distressed panic, and he innately talked me off the cliff.  My day started in such an unexpected flurry aside from the Load of House Things To Do, my head nearly spun off.

He helped me realize I need to make a list.  Go through every room, list all the things that I (reasonably) want to get done before August.  I felt much better after coming to that conclusion.  Lists are very powerful things, not to sound all cheesy and dopey, but it's true.

My trusty lists.  Always a clear-vision-providing sanity-saver.  I mastered the art of to-to lists while doing props.  I had to, no choice.  List-making is a great skill to have and I strongly advise it for any project, large or small.

Knowing me, I'll overload my list though.  I will try very hard not to.  No sense in starting back at work totally exhausted, right?!  (Mmm hm.)

Now I need to find time to make that list.....Add that to the list of things to do!

Last week before the allergy monster swallowed me whole, I did manage to get some areas patched with concrete out back.  I pulled up one piece of broken walk and huh, where does that deep dark cavern go?  Huh?  Yep.  Neat.  Literally, a hole in the ground leading under the house.  How is this walk even staying up?!?!

Fading fast, I replaced the concrete chunk and smeared patch over it.  Someday I will fix you....I also managed to make dessert for Mike which is his July-long standing request since I won't have time to once I start Sirens again.  I made that yummy Chunky Turtle Ice Cream for him again.

Then today I finally got some brownies baked for Twitchy who I hope to visit tomorrow or Wednesday.  Before even setting pen to paper, I know that that pantry floor is at the very top of the list.  I would prefer not to have an unfinished floor for four months, or even possibly all through winter as Twitchy's whole pallet operation is mostly outdoors.

My personal favorite brownie recipe is by Ghirardelli, which is found here.  Do note baking time is generally longer than quoted, or that's what I've found.  Do use good chocolate; it does make a difference (lesson learned).  I leave out the chips and add walnuts, but hey, to each their own, right?

I also made Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes from The Kitchn today too.  Since tomorrow is Mike's birthday, and a big notable milestone one at that, and he's not a fan of cake, or so he says which I think is a smidge of an untruth, and I made these once before and he liked them, or so he said, and he said he didn't want a birthday cake, I figured that these were a good cross between no birthday cake and birthday cake.  Birthdays without cake do not make sense to me.  At all.  Try the recipe though!  Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Wish I had more news and fun projects to share with you, but alas, allergy recovery has absorbed all of my time.

We do have two more companies coming out to give blow-in insulation estimates this week and Abt is coming back as well for Final Attempt:  Ice Maker Repair Number Three.  I'll have to tell you our um, "fun" blow-in insulation story some day.  It's amazing we're still alive, but at least we can joke about it now.  Almost.  Sorta.  Mostly.  Yes, yes we can.

On that note, stay cool everyone and I'll be back soon!

Ack!  No pictures again?!  Awwww yeah, that means the best type of picture of all:  a Hailey!

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