Slow down Saturday but gearing up for floor completion.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ah Saturdays.  It's always been my most favorite day of the week.  Many years ago, before Mike, I used to lollygag lazily all day, watch cooking shows on PBS for hours on end then make myself something ridiculous for dinner, like a frozen pizza.

These days Mike works on Saturdays so I consider it a work day for myself.  Although today, I opted to take it a bit easy.  It's been a busy week in these parts, what with getting Mike's office painted, then trying to tackle the rain barrel situation, plus all those little things I did the other day, oh and then working on the front doors.  Plus, yep, I'm pooped from Phish last night and Hailey waking Mike (us) up at 2:30 am and me at 7:30 am with tinkle emergencies.  I deserve a break, don't I?

I did swing by and see Twitchy today.  He's setting things out for me in the hopes I'll stop by!  Heh, kinda cute!  Plus he actually almost smiles at me now!  He was all excited to show me a bin with lots of brand new 1x4 pine pieces that he put out for me.  I should stock up on those just to have as stuff like that comes in handy.  Can't beat the price either.

He let me go all the way in back into the big shed where the guys were slicing and dicing pallets and wood so I could rifle through the bins in there.  One of the other guys recognizes me now too and he pointed me in the right direction.

If only I were a wee bit stronger, if only my lame ripped up "construction grade" garbage bag had held a smidge more, I'd be done collecting wood!  Ah rats!!

pallet wood floor pieces in pantry
Doh!!  Soooo close, yet so far!!
I'll need to rip down some pieces somehow and wedge them into this unfortunate gap seen below on the right hand side.  Hm.  That will be interesting.

gap between pallet wood floor pieces and wall

Tuesday will be the big floor day.  It's supposed to be a scorcher then too.

I'll visit Twitchy, grab a few more pieces, swing by Menards for floor underlayment, maybe rent the compressor and nail gun then too, pick up some poly.  I've decided to go sans stain (thanks Vannessia!).  The poly will deepen the wood and even out the tone all on its own.  I'll make some cool funky "grout" to fill in gaps thanks to my woodworking friend Scott, an idea both he and my friend Micah suggested to me (which I'll share later), and get this floor d.o.n.e. done.

I'd start on Monday but we have a big scary vet appointment that morning.  Last time we saw Dr. H, after considerable discussion, we decided to give Hailey a chest x-ray to see if the cancer has spread to her lungs.  This will help us see where we're at/decide if we should give her more chemo or plan, um, cry, otherwise.  I'd rather not give her more chemo because I worry it's doing other harm and we always have some kind of issue after each dose but then again, I'm also paranoid to stop.

That day will be torturous hell for her as she does not ever roll onto her back, not even for us ever (except two or three times in almost 12 years, unwittingly in her sleep which was sooooo cute), she hates people, and she hates going to the vet.  The regular vet would only do a chest x-ray if she was doped up, if that gives you any indication of Her Royal Squirminess.  It's torturous hell for us biding time, waiting for this appointment, speculating, worrying, and we're beyond terrified of receiving bad news that day.

Hailey in the daylilies
Praying to the Puppy Gods on Monday, we will be.
Ahem.  In other news, later this next week I hope to have a super duper spiffy DIY done involving the television and errant messy wires, a zillion thanks to my friend Janette.  She rocks and I'm quadruple head-over-heels excited about it.

So stay tuned, my friends!  Lots of doing ahead and sharing will be bountiful!

Off to Phish show number two tonight, yay!!  Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

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