Mass eradication phase 2, part 2: My Office

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oooooooohhhh yeahhhhh.  That's right.  I am currently breathing in paint fumes.  And I'm so excited!

Well, before being excited I was annoyed.  Which is how I get sometimes when I work on things around the house.  Annoyed?  Why would you get annoyed, you might ask.  This flipper.  He took no pride in what he was doing, he hired folks who did shoddy work and didn't care.  It was purely dollar signs to him.  All the little things I notice when I'm going along drive me crazy.  I noticed the other day that the floor tiles in the master bath are not set square.  I mean, some stuff is obvious -- like, who puts together a kitchen and puts no drawers in it?  But other stuff like not finishing something or using crappy materials or performing lousy workmanship, that's shameful.  And when you've bought a house, your biggest expenditure, it's frustrating.

This is the fourth property I've owned in Chicago and yeah, you'd think by now I wouldn't get all caught up in the moment and would take more time to comb over things, but maybe at the time I was so excited at the prospect of our own house, the idea of fixing the millions of little things didn't bother me.

Anyway.....!!  So my office!  Right!

real estate photo staged bedroom office before
Room originally, staged all poorly.
Got some paint earlier in the week, as I mentioned.  And also as I mentioned, I wasn't entirely sure of the plan for the room.

I started cutting in the Heavy Armour paint color, then I'd back out of the room, do the head tilt back and forth, think, walk away, do something else, come back, peer in, head tilt, cut in some more paint, walk away, think, then come back in.  (Are these paint fumes getting to me now?)

The more I thought about doing a two tone, the more I realized how it would shorten the height of the room.  Which wouldn't be good in such a tiny room.  I scrapped the idea and painted the whole room dark thinking maybe I'd add a horizontal stripe of the yellow, maybe put a skinny stripe of that Wild Mulberry under it.  Eh.  It was all starting to look so masculine, or boy's room even, in my head.

Rolling on the Heavy Armour color, I thought to myself, huh, this color reminds me of old time blueprints, you know, where the name originated from.  Pretty clever on my part for an office color, huh?!  Yeah, that is pretty clever of you, heh, nice work!  *chuckles with myself in my head*

Then wham, it hit me.

Hhhhheeeyyyyy....!!  And all of a sudden I saw the whole room come together, complete and finished in my head, and I got super excited.

That whole idea I had before with the vacation home catalogues (that's what I'm going to call them now instead of books so Mike won't be mad at me for taking them apart) and the upstairs hall guest bathroom.....I had the right idea but the wrong room.  So now, ah ha, I'll paper this wall below, on the right behind the printer, the one I look at every darn day!  Perfect!!

office painted after with a moody navy blue and canary yellow

Quickly and excitedly I painted the inside frame of the window and the closet door in that sweet Lemon Curd color.  Oh my gosh, this color will be so cool with those drawings of vintage vacation homes! I thought, nearly tumbling over myself.  OooOoh my gosh, I could barely contain the butterflies of enthusiasm.  (Yeah, I know, I need to do something clever with that little cart.)

Finish up painting those shelves in white, install them, then take some cork squares, cover those in some astroturf and put them on the wall....I can hardly wait!  Yeah, it looks a bit Nautica brand right now but just you wait, my friend, just you wait.

Hopefully this will make Mike happier too.  When I said last time tough luck, the paper is going in that bathroom, he came home from work that day a tad forlorn after reading what I wrote.  I felt bad.  I was still going to put the paper in that bathroom though.

This all makes me feel better in general.  I inadvertently read some stuff online yesterday after reading something one of Mike's customers so graciously emailed.  Grim things, unhappy things, not positive things, potential things about Hailey's future with this bone cancer business.  It got me all downtrodden and very sad, teary, making me feel like I'm uselessly grasping at straws for thinking there's anything I can do to help her beat this.

I took one look at her this morning all curled up in the huge comfy bed Mike got for her recently.  All that love in her eyes as she looked up at me.  I readjusted myself.  Back on that positive track.

Yesss.  *fist pump*


  1. Yessssss! You, Mike and Hailey, and yes, the room are way cool!

  2. I got that same rolling cart of colored drawers! :) (Randy C.)

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to see it all come together! Yeah, I bet lots of people have that cart - I see it everywhere. Very handy little thing for sure.


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