Day of little things. And back to the vet.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Had to go back over to the emergency vet today as our sweetest pie acquired an infection in her girl parts thanks to the chemo.  That pretty well wiped out my day as they take darn forever and it's so taxing.  Even the guy at the reception desk said to me today, "you're still here?" after he had gone to lunch and come back.

Seeing the doctor and vet tech took all of five minutes but we spent over an hour and a half waiting around:  waiting to be seen by the vet tech, then waiting for the doctor, then waiting for pricing, then waiting to get a tinkle test, then waiting to check out, then waiting to get the medicine..... None of which is fun for a three legged scaredy pea that hates the vet and is supposed to avoid stress thanks to her Addison's Disease.  All shaking and drooling and pacing and stressing out.  Ugh.  It's maddening.  They know she's a nervous nelly yet they still take eons to get us taken care of.

By the time we finally got home, both Hailey and I were wiped out.  Her from the obvious and me from stressing out watching her stress out, trying to keep her calm, trying to handle the agonizing waiting.

They do a good job over there, they are nice and helpful and know their stuff.  It's the waiting that's....yeah.  Sigh.  And the place was empty too!  Well, at least it was empty there; that's a good thing for an emergency vet to be.

Plus, wow, hello summer.  It got up to 91 here today and after being so cold for so long, it's wow, an adjustment.  That I didn't grasp today.

Wiped out, us two.

So, it was a day of small stuff.

I picked up this nifty little knob in brass for the closet door of my office but of course, not a single thing is easy to get done in this house.  The screw that came with it is too short because, well, it's for cabinets.  The screw with the existing knob is too big.  The only screw I had that matched was way too long.  I tried cutting it down with my spiffy grinder but the threads got munched by the vise grip thereby rendering it useless.  Sounds like a Menards trip to me.  Boo hoo, so sad.  (Giggle.)

I took the plastic bags and packing peanuts out of my cutie planter pouches and filled them completely with dirt.  The plants were wilting in one of them so hopefully this resolves that problem.

Before Mike left for work today, he stepped into my office and said, "It's growing on me."  The papered wall.  The other day when he came home and I eagerly showed it to him, he walked in and........paused.  Stood there.  Didn't say a word.  After a long while he said,  "I don't hate it."  Pause pause pause.  "It's, well, something I'm not used to," he said.  Pause.  "I'm still having trouble with you cutting up a book."  Uh huh.  Pause pause pause.  So, "growing on me" is a good sign, as were the nods he acquiesced.  Like I said, I tend to freak him out a bit and at times he's not prepared for my atypical design sensibilities.

After he left, the mirror went back up having received a nice coating of dark blue spray paint on Tuesday.

I forgot all about the sticker on the back of it.

Count on me for all your blurry photo needs!
"This is a Turner Wall Accessory. This is one of hundreds of accessories manufactured by Turner Mfg Co. America's largest producer of decorative accessories for the home. Turner's staff of designers are constantly creating new types of decorator wall accessories to make your home smarter, brighter and lovelier. Look for the name TURNER on wall accessories."

Turns out they were a Chicago based company.  Here's a snippet of information about them but I can't seem to find much else.

And holy crap bejeebus.  Someone on eBay* was selling the same mirror for a surprising sum of cash.  Ha!  I bought mine for $10 at Salvation Army.  It was marked $15 at the time but a corner had broken off so I negotiated down.  I spent a good while carving a replacement out of clay to cast.  Ha!  How crazy.  Mine is not hollow on the back side though.  Haha, another one, and ha, this one seems more reasonably priced (broken links removed, sorry).  How funny is that.  Wow.

But hmph.  Doesn't appear the alderman is going to stop by after all.  I've been waiting.  We got a door tag the other day saying he was going to come by our block and say hi, meet the neighbors.  Hmph.  Why am I not surprised.

Anyway, I think I'm just way more pooped from going to the vet than I thought I was.  So much for digging in the dirt.  Guess not every day can be a winningly productive one.  Back at it tomorrow, folks.

*The eBay Turner mirror link is an eBay affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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