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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Aw seriously.  Staples.  And more staples.  Staples staples staples.  Did I mention staples?  I didn't finish getting them all out of the pantry floor yet (sorry babe).  And I thought getting them out of the OSB was not easy.....well....getting them out of the old floor board lumber is even more special.

Even more special than that?  Trying to get that carpet off the step.  Heh, they really didn't want that carpet to go anywhere apparently!  Every time I would yank on the carpet, it would tear or turn into a zillion strings of yarn.

I had to stop pulling staples for the day as I'm getting blisters on my hand from the screw driver and pliers.
Just a few staples holding the carpet to the step corner.  Not many, no.
No, I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with the floor.  I tried looking up some more ideas online today but nothing is striking me.  I suppose I ought not go too whack-a-doo with it.  So, hang in there folks, the idea will come to me.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, right?!

In other news, we finally got to sit on our swanky new patio on Tuesday night for a bit, despite the chill in the air!  Hailey really enjoyed it, laying on her fancy picnic thing and being draped in a warm blankie.  We're pretty impressed with ourselves for getting the blocks sturdy and surprisingly level.

We did talk about huh, maybe we should extend it one more row out into the yard.  That would be nice, give us a little extra breathing room, so we'll see.  It was truly great sitting there, enjoying our new patio.  Maybe if it actually gets warm here in Chicago, it'll be very nice.

Now Mike's itch to finish the yard up with sod is definitely itching, so that could be within the week.  We were talking about just how terrible and embarrassing the yard is, how it plagues us, how nice it would be to have the yard not looking like several bombs went off in it.  Plus I can't even begin to tell you how nice it will be to not pick up handfuls of glass shards, rusty screws and nails up off the ground every day.

And sigh....I got a little ballsy the other day and emailed Menards to see if they maybe wanted to participate in my blog since I talk about them all the damn time.  I probably shouldn't expound on our brief interaction but they turned me down.  I was surprisingly more bummed than I thought I might be.  Alas, it's their loss, right?  Right.

Well, sorry this wasn't super exciting.  That pantry floor is whipping my rear end, all those staples.  I hope this isn't a harbinger for the main stair carpet.

Let's end on a fun note for today, a super cute photo of Hailey!


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