Crazy pantry floor idea. Hmmm....

Monday, May 26, 2014

I had an idea.  I am probably a bit nutso for thinking about doing this.  Maybe it's because it's much warmer here in Chicago today than originally predicted and my brain is cooked from being outside for a few hours, I dunno.

Hear me out.

As you may recall, I'm in the midst of working on the pantry floor.  It was a train wreck with awful cheap carpet that I couldn't vacuum and Hailey did her best to encourage me to rip it out.  My hands are still sorta recovering from pulling all those darn staples.  Cannot wait for the main stair carpet removal.....cough.  Although every time I step on one of the staples in those stairs, I get a little bit closer to yanking it all out.

The lovely and charming current state of our pantry floor is above.  Finally sans staples though.

I've come across so many ideas on the internet but nothing has been striking me.  Last night I was perusing Pinterest as I tend to do every day.  Again, as it turns out, I ended up pinning these tiles designed by my most favorite architect, Antoni Gaudi.  Staring as these tiles I was thinking, wow, wouldn't it be just so ridiculously cool to have tiles by him?!

Then I thought, heeeeyyyyy wait a second, didn't.....Yep.  My parents brought me back a trivet from their trip to Barcelona.

I dug it out of that cart I hate and the pattern wasn't as shallow as I had remembered.  Mmm hm.

I bet you're gathering where I'm going with this now.  I mentioned a bit ago that I found a tutorial on how to make your own DIY concrete tiles.

So yeah, see?

I was thinking of creating a mold from this trivet, maybe more than one, and making my own concrete tiles a la Gaudi.  Holy crap, that would be super excellent, yes?  A replica of his design in my own house?!?  Hang on, I gotta go wipe the drool off my face.

I could do a center field of these tiles then maybe a la Gaudi mosaic, do some penny tiles as a border framing them.  I could possibly add color to the Gaudi tiles, or even stain and seal them afterward.  Then something like these penny tiles from Floor & Decor would be fun but I'm sure there are a bazillion types I can choose from.  A color, or multi-colored like these that I'm sure I'd need a winning lottery ticket to afford, could be nifty since all his mosaics are so colorful.

Hmmm....yesssss.  *chin rubbing*

I will mention this to Mike, see what he says.  He'll think I'm utterly crazy for even suggesting to make my own tiles, but he knows how much I love Gaudi....We shall see!

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