Embarrassingly easy DIY cork board project.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's true.  It's so embarrassingly easy, I'm rather reticent about sharing it with you.  But.  I will.  Because it's cute.  It probably seems I'm on an astroturf bender.  And maybe you're right.

What I used:

  • astroturf*
  • 12" square cork tiles
  • Super 77 spray mount
  • corked back straight edge
  • Xacto knife
  • furniture tacks

*The astroturf I used is this nifty stuff called Tee Time from Menards.  It's sort of like that indoor putting green material so it's similar to a fine carpet and it's heavier duty.  You can use any type you'd like, of course.

First I trimmed up some pieces slightly larger than the cork squares, just to make things more manageable.

Next up, I grabbed my trusty can of Super 77 spray mount.  This stuff is super sticky, hence super in the name.  If you can spray this outside somewhere, that's best because it does get all over the place and leaves a sticky, dust and lint and dog fur attracting film for miles around where you sprayed.  If you can't spray outside, lay down some newspaper or a tarp.  Plus it's stinky smelly stuff.  Do feel free to wear gloves and a respirator or dust mask.

Get a nice moderately thick coating on the cork.  Not so much that it will seep through the astroturf, but enough to ensure it will stick in all spots and not peel up.

Yeah.  That's about good.  I sprayed on our back side walk since it's coming out anyway.  Nice weeds, right?  Sigh.

Anyway, stick your pieces on, give them a good smush, make sure every part is stuck together.  You can even set the squares under something heavy for a few minutes.  Super 77 dries rather quick.

Next, trim up your edges.  I always use a straight edge when trimming things to ensure I don't end up slicing into my project.

Pro tip:  always always always lay the straight edge on the inside of your finished project so that if you slip while cutting the metal protects the project, you're trashing the part you were throwing away anyway and not destroying all your hard work.  Your knife will travel along the outside edge, through the extras.  Let me know if I didn't explain that clearly enough.

After deciding where in my office I wanted to hang these, I used some furniture tacks to attach them to the wall.  You can use velcro, double sided tape, nails, whatever you'd like.  I thought the brassy furniture tacks were a nice finishing touch, tying into the closet door knob.

Rather sweet, huh?  I'll tell ya, it's outrageously easy to do.  And inexpensive.  A quick little DIY that'll have you organized in no time at all!  :)

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