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Monday, May 19, 2014

My ouchie fingers have gotten better, thanks to the avoidance of the pantry.  Unfortunately, the pantry still remains in its disastrous, staple-filled state.  Where are those secret worker elves that come in the night and finish things?!

Now that the cat is out of the bag (ah ha ha, I made a pun again) about what I was making for my sweet little nephews for their birthdays, I thought I'd share a few photos of The Story of the History of Ice Cream, by Aunt Becky, Uncle Mike and Hailey.

I used this simple tutorial as my guide in making the pop up book.

handmade history of ice cream book

I ended up creating all the pages on the computer using Adobe Illustrator as I'm just not as good at drawing as the guy in the tutorial.  But I did create the cover by hand.

history book on ice cream

I used some 9x12 heavier weight paper I had on hand but trimmed it down to regular paper size so it would go through the printer.  I almost threw that paper out on a random raging purge day, and actually did throw it out but then later rescued it from the recycle bin wondering what was wrong with me.  It always happens to me -- get rid of something I've had for years then lo and behold, I suddenly need it.  Always.  Without fail.  Which is why I struggle to throw things out sometimes.  Well, that and the semi-packrat tendencies I have due to being a prop person.

presidents and ice cream history

As I mentioned, I found a cool history online but then other sites said the history of ice cream is pretty unsubstantiated.  :(  Boo.

ice cream history book

It was easy to put together this book using that tutorial I linked to above.

more ice cream history

I had fun making it.  I hope Jake enjoys it!  I know he'll enjoy the gift card to the ice cream shop.  How could you not, right?!


  1. I use a staple puller and needle nose pliers to get staples out. My fingers are better suited to piano playing.

  2. Sadly I didn't have a staple puller and my needle nose pliers were far too wimpy for these nasty staples. I strongly advise sticking to piano playing rather than pulling staples, that's for sure!


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