Mass eradication: Phase 2.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The other day I mentioned how these original paint colors are wearing me down.  I didn't realize how much.  I don't mean in a wow-I-can't-get-out-of-bed way; just that being such a visual person, seeing these yucky colors day in and day out is thwarting my brain power.  Draining.  Dragging me down.  Cloggin' the ol' noggin'.  Yick.

The epiphany in the shower lit a fire.  Some painting has happened previously, so this is early part 2:  Mass Eradication Attack Phase.  I feel like I should insert some 80's montage music here.

The upstairs master bath, as you might recall, is in a state of fluctuation as Mike has big plans for it but we haven't gotten to any of them yet.  I'd love to get the vanity built so we can get rid of the World's Worst Bathroom Vanity on the Planet (which I haven't revealed to you yet) but I know I'm not the most quality carpenter in the world.  Maybe if I just take my time I can do it.  I will admit, it makes me nervous.  I have the sink which is glorious and it's such a shame that it's packed away in a cardboard box, sulking, alone, neglected.

Ooophff.  Before, above.

After below.  I'm not sure what the color is as I've never actually read the lid, but it was my $5 mis-mix purchase.  I quite like the color.  I don't know if the bathroom will stay this color or not, but what's important here is that the color above no longer exists.  Yes, we only have one outlet in there.  It's a zoo. you'll remember I finished up the vanity in our main floor bathroom, but things have stalled out there too as the next step is ripping out and installing new tile.  And deciding what to do with the bathtub area.  Turning it into a half bath shouldn't diminish the value of the house since we have three other full bathrooms.  (Crazy.)  But we haven't figured out what to do with the post-tub space yet.

Here's a before.

Oh!  Oh.  Oh wow.  Ow.  Thankfully things have changed a bit.  Where does one even find tile like that?!  Oh, ugh, those stagers, they sure didn't help matters either.  It's amazing this house sold at all. (heh)

It's the same paint as the master bath, for now.  (It's drying in this photo, hence the mottled look on the wall.)  I know I'm making twice the work for myself by painting now and possibly repainting later, but like I mentioned, I cannot take these original colors anymore.

I picked up some paint for my office yesterday.  I couldn't decide between two colors, a sweet light yellow called Lemon Curd or a dark slate blue called Heavy Armour (woman of extremes Mike called me yesterday when I asked his opinion), so I got them both.  My plan is to do something two tone like this.  But maybe not with such a sketchy edge between them.  Maybe a straight line.  Or not.  We'll see.  The yellow on top, the dark blue below, and quite likely painting the ceiling in the yellow as well.  The plan shall reveal itself unto me.....

So, gettin' there.  Paint:  Love it.  Better than a band-aid.  Better than ....well, I could prattle on but I won't.  It fixes things, it's quick and painless, it vastly improves everything, even if it's only a placeholder color.  I strongly advise trying it.


Hey, did you see these cutie little plant pouches I made yesterday?!  Oy jeez, I just can't get enough of them.  It's seriously the only thing I look at in the yard, honing in with tunnel vision, blocking out the rest of the muck and mire.  Mike has the next two days off which would have been Perfect to work on the yard.  Thanks rain forecast.  :(

Oh, and don't forget, tomorrow, Thursday, is the season finale of Sirens on USA Network.  Help baby get a season two and keep her Menards habit in a constant state of equilibrium by watching.

And hey, May is National Pet Month.  Do something kind and giving!


  1. Love the bathroom walls now. That color is great and it's nice to see that yucky "peach" or is it "orange" gone! Well done!

  2. Glad you like it! If anything, it's a huge relief on the eyes and an ease on the brain!


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