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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yeah.  Yep.  Uh huh.

I've been doing a real piss poor job of getting things done around the house lately.  It's starting to frustrate me as well, I know.  It makes for much more exciting reading when I'm working on something, I know that too.

Hailey had her second dose of chemo today so we're hoping everything goes much more smoothly this time.  They gave us the runny poop medicine ahead of time and suggested preemptively striking that down, just in case, even though the doctor says this particular chemo doesn't normally cause runny tushies.  Ah well, either way I plan on being home the next few days to make sure all is good and she's ok.

So that means, hopefully, I can come up with some projects to get done.  The basement is nagging me, calling my name, but ugh, I...just  ....can't....  too much!

I was back to surfing the interwebs today, my usual top three items as of late:  DIY floors, shelf brackets, and vintage vacation home plan books.

I've got the plan books in the shopping cart, all totaled up and waiting for me to pull the trigger.  (Tough luck, Mike, that bathroom is getting papered.  I love you!  There's still Chunky Turtle Ice Cream and Chocolate Truffle Creme Brûlée left, if that helps ease your sorrows!)  I did see a wild variation on the paper theme, using marbled paper.  Clever, and quite the funky look.

The brackets, this time I typed in "DIY shelf brackets" and found much more interesting stuff, cooler looking ideas than what I saw at the store.  Even though I'm not much for the whole trendy steampunk/industrial look, I did think pipe fittings were a workable option, though I never realized those little pipe fittings added up so quickly.  

There's always the option of forgoing the reuse of the Ikea shelves and going with something like boxes, but attached to the wall instead of taking up valuable real estate on the floor.  Though that would likely get real busy real fast in such a small room.  And then these, well these, they were just so freakin' cute overall, I could barely stand it.

Then I got distracted and started searching floor ideas again for the pantry.  Using tape to create a colorful linear pattern was making my eyes drool.  There were also plenty of pallet ideas and, as I've mentioned, I'm not huge on the ol' pallet bandwagon but some looked pretty sweet, I must admit.  I got so carried away off the in the deep end that I saw a page telling you how to make your own concrete tiles.  

I came back from the edge, whew, and saw a neat idea using smaller tree branches, but I suppose that might be almost as crazy.  Or there was the idea of doing an aggregate-like floor with small pebbles.  And Bob, Bob Vila, he came through with several clever ideas.

I came across some neat looking products too:  a slate-like floor called Slate-ish made from recycled scrap paper and also marbleized wood flooring.  Both slobber-worthy.  Both probably way out my budget.  But, fun to look at.

Ok, I'll go order those books so they can arrive and I can get that going.  And then tomorrow is a new day.  Hm, didn't I say that once before?  Yeesch.

Huh, no photos again.  Guess that means another Hailey photo!

german shepherd in a small chair
Hailey, about 3 years old.
Don't forget, tonight at 9 pm central, Sirens on USA Network!  Second to last episode of the season!  Wow, already?!  Wow, that was fast.


  1. Love that marbled paper look. Very cool.

  2. It is pretty cool, isn't it? Makes you ponder all the cool stuff you could put on a wall!


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