Stripey action!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All righty!  Got some stripes goin' on!  Nice!

So I measured out the stripes onto the wall based on what I drew on the computer* then took a step back to see how they all looked in proportion to each other as well as how it will look in general.  I only adjusted one stripe, the one in the corner, making it wider as at 3" it kind of sunk in there.  Plus I had that one planned as black so I didn't want the corner to completely disappear.

Speaking of the black....I took an actual look at the can today as opposed to the passing glance I took last time.  It read flat acrylic exterior and I thought, huh, where did they.....awwww no!  Aw jeez.  They used it on the fence and all the steel work out front.  Aw man, now my list of outdoor summer projects got waaayyy longer.  I have to repaint all of it as acrylic isn't going to protect it nor stave off rust.  Uuuggghhhh....*fist shaking in air*....heh, ah well, so it is.  What bozos.

Aw jeez, who wants to come help paint the fence, the steps, the railing, the whole juliet balcony thingie this summer?

Using my spiffy level and my charcoal filled snap line, I got the lines shadowed in.  I had to tape the end of the snap line string to the wall since again, emphasis on the Y part of DIY.  I got rolling on the taping of the stripes and remembered, ah yes, this is also why I don't do projects like this for myself, what a pain in the butt.  "This had better be worth it," I thought to myself.

Three colors went up so far:  black (it's 100% acrylic so it can be used indoors as well) (which I normally can't stand 100% acrylic paint as it's streaky and behaves weirdly, plus it's smelly), Sonata and Summer Shower from the living room.  I thought I should incorporate those colors so everything will tie in together.

It's hard to see the Summer Shower color but it's all the way to the right, up next to that yicky dog vomit color.  (Sorry.)  But I thought it would make a nice transition color to whatever I end up picking for the stairwell.  And seriously, is that newel post crooked or is it the photo?

I have a black stripe planned directly next to that wide blue stripe, on the right side of it, but everything needs to dry first.  I did have some leakage under the tape, but all is not lost since the stripes to come will cover right over.  It wasn't really all that bad either.  Just need to be more careful with the upcoming colors.  I was so tempted to paint the door black while I was there, I can't even begin to tell you....

Right now, yeah, it's looking a little preppy which is totally not me at all, so I'll need to pick some non-preppy, borderline obnoxious colors to shake things up.  I'm thinking magenta and yellow for sure.  Maybe a bright emerald green.  I found a quart of some Tropical something or other color in the basement that I've been toting around for years that I got for free, so I'll check that out, see if it'll work.  This project goes on hold now until I can get to the store.

In the mean time, what do you guys think?  Liking it?  Hating it?  Crooked newel post or not?  And let me know when you'll be by to help with all that exterior painting.

*The AutoCAD link is an AutoDesk affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. Looks crooked to me, but the stripes sure are cool!!! Great job!

  2. Ok, I'm not crazy then, thanks! Glad you like the stripes! Thank you!


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