Sunday Sunday.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week, next to Saturday taking top honors.  On a Sunday, I get to see Mike all day, hang with Hailey, and the premise is a day of lounging do-nothing-ness.

We did a good portion of that.  But Mike raked the front yard which was great.  He then moved on to cleaning up the back yard of trash and yuck.  Fantastic!  I feel less disdain for its status now; it has been in an ugly state of brutally sad since we moved in.  Sounds like Mike's got an idea for some temporary pavers and sod rolling about in his head which will be a vast improvement, making the yard useful and actually pleasant.  Anything, literally anything, would be an improvement back there.  It's worse than those yards you see on those shows before they get fixed up.

In keeping with our new theme of a Sunday road trip, we headed out to Burbank, IL to Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe for some carry out, an as seen on TV venture again.  It's funny, we really don't care that a place has been featured on TV.  Our attraction to picking a place this way gets us to see an area we know nothing about, takes us on a tour we normally wouldn't go on otherwise.

To be honest, it's really an excuse to take Hailey on a fun car ride as opposed to all her recent rides where she ends up at various vet offices.  Both the oncologist and the surgeon said she would totally forget she ever had a fourth leg.  Bzzzt, wrong.  She is much smarter than your average pooch.  She knows it's gone and has seemed a bit glum.  So really, today was about Hailey having some fun.  We got her a seat belt thingie since she's less stable in the back now and surprisingly it didn't bother her.  Windows cracked open on a sunny 55 degree day and she was in cutie girl heaven.  I couldn't help but smile to see her look so happy.

Tomorrow I'll finish the stripes and take out that newel post/hand rail stuff.  So far Mike thinks the stripes are "interesting" (code for he doesn't like them but he acknowledged he's not used to them and they are the brightest thing we've got going on in the house) but he approved of taking out that stair stuff.  He then offered up some good ideas for that whole entry area over there, so I'll get to pondering that.

So it was a good day.  I'm so full I can't see straight - I'm not sure what I'm typing or if it's even in English.  I keep hearing Mike mutter something about dessert as I write this so I should head off and see what I can come up with.  Uh oh, he's up looking, gotta go.  I hope you had a good day too!

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