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Friday, April 18, 2014

All righty, I think I've got a plan!  Well, one thing anyway.

Yesterday I was poking around the interwebs and came across a cool blog by some nifty sounding folks who are also here in Chicago, Yellow Brick Home.  I think you should check them out.  So then, as I'm wont to do, I started ambling around the web, strolling, looking this a-way and that, oh look shiny, is that a squirrel?  I'm not really that distractible except for when I'm poking around images maybe.

I came across this, make your own wallpaper somehow and I about gasped.  What a flippin' cool look that is, right?  I thought, hey, that is exactly what that hall bathroom upstairs needs.  Bingo!

hospital green painted hall bathroom

Can't you just totally see that on this wall?!  Oh yes.

Sometimes these decisions take forever to make and sometimes they hit me fast as lightning like this one did.  I suppose if it's taking me forever, I haven't found the right thing yet and when it hits me, yep, it's right and it's just gotta get done.  Now.

I'm sure the floor and shower tile will really start to bother me after I get this project finished.

Ok, you can see it now, right?  How excellent.

Anyway, so I thought I'd run back over to that Salvation Army I was at yesterday since they had a lot of books and hope to all get out that I find the perfect thing, something just as colorful and fun.  Otherwise I know how it's going to go....I'll get all anxious to get working on it, I'll end up going to more stores, not finding the right thing and getting discouraged because I'll be looking for this exact mid-century colorfully illustrated book.....Keep your fingers crossed for me.

After finding this damn cool idea, I thought, Oh!  I'll have to go to Menards for wallpaper paste, right?  Menards!  (Seriously, I think I have an infirmity, a severe problem with my Menards addiction.  Don't send help.)  But then I remembered, you can DIY some removable wallpaper paste.  Ah ha!  I found this itty tutorial from The Poor Sophisticate online.  Tellin' you, these interwebs, super handy.

At first glance I thought those teal horizontal lines in the photo above were towel bars of some sort but upon closer inspection realized they are glass shelves.  They'd be so much cooler if they were teal colored towel bars, right?

And oh crap, I just realized if I can find a book about bowling, maybe this wallpaper idea would be cool for our first floor bathroom, the one with the vanity I made, with the maple bowling alley counter top.  Especially since I can't pick a paint in there to save my life with the floor tile I have picked out.  Hm....

My folks are coming down on Sunday so I need to get hopping (ah!  I didn't even mean to make a pun but I did) on my desserts.  I am a baker, a dessert aficionado, and if you come to my house, if Hailey will allow you in which is unlikely, you will have a good dessert.  I'm a little loathe to share what I'll be making in case my mom reads this but I'll share.  Maybe she'll stop reading at this point.   My initial plan of making Chunky Turtle Ice Cream was poo-poo'ed by a certain tall red headed male in the house.  So I'm still making that but now I am also making Chocolate Truffle Creme Brûlée to appease him.  But we don't have a torch so maybe I do need to go to Menards.  I also need to do some tidying up.

So now I've got a lot to do.

But before I go, a shout out to the Animal Gods, the keepers of Good Animal Healthy Juju Karma Stuff:  You're on notice.  Enough already with the bad juju going around and all our pets not feeling well lately.  Stop it.  Please.  Go back to spreading happy healthy fun time good stuff.  Make them all better, and do it now.  Thank you.

Ok, back to what you were doing.  I am off to my busy day.  Happy Friday!


  1. I didn't read it...nope, never read what you wrote about dessert. Did you say something about dessert????


  2. I said nothing. You better have stopped before I revealed dessert but hm, you doth protest too much....


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