Wall murals and temptation.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Whooie, I am pooped again!

Today I spent the day helping the painters at the office I'm working on.  There's a large wall at the end of the office that I thought would be an excellent candidate for an oversized wall mural to anchor the space.  Since we have a Chicago theme running through the space already, I opted for a monotone city map, or rather, a portion of the city since the wall is mostly horizontal while Chicago is mostly vertical.  The color matches a blue I put in a few years ago but in a different area.  I've been really excited to get this mural on the wall.

(The mural was created for us by a very friendly company, wallpapered.com, and they do some nifty stuff.  Yes, somehow the mural ended up being 6" too short but, that's ok, we've solved the design problem.  The mural is fantastic though.)

Now, on many jobs I've spec'ed wall murals or wallpaper.  Have I hung any of them myself personally? Nope.  Have I always wanted to put up a wall mural or wallpaper in my own home, try my hand at it?  Yep.

I know, I know, there are many wallpaper haters out there.  "It's fine," they say, "until you go to remove it.  You will become a hater then for sure."   Ok, I can see that.  It can't be a huge amount of fun to take it down and repair the walls to a paintable state.  

But still.  Wallpaper and wall murals are cool.  They add focus, texture, color, and pattern in ways paint can't always accomplish.  Sure it's more expensive but they can add a zing in such an amazing way.  There are so. many. options. out there it's unreal.

Oh, like this one or maybe even this one that I love or possibly this one that is super cool or this one that's dark and moody or c'mon, anything bespoke by Tracy Kendall for sure, or even something fun and colorful and nutty.  Seriously, I could go on for days.  But I will spare you.

While my task today was mostly supervisory with mild assistance here and there, I was watching keenly.  And you know what crossed my mind?  Yep:  how hard can it be?  

It didn't look hard at all.  So now that itch for a wall mural or wallpaper has been rekindled.  Poor Mike.

Ack, I mean, c'mon, how fun would this one be or how seriously cool is this one?!  Ok, I'll stop.


  1. Thanks!! It is really fun! I'll try and get some full shots of it today.

  2. "How hard can it be?" Famous. Last. Words. :-)


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