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Friday, March 28, 2014

Ideas are fun.  Especially when they hit you out of nowhere and you're all, ooOooh, yes, that's perfect!  When an idea for something hits me and it feels spot on, I get wiggly excited to get moving, see the idea come to fruition.

The other day when I was poking around my Pinterest stuff and organizing projects, I also went over to Houzz where I have a few things saved to Ideabooks, as they call them.  Truthfully, I'm not on that website often, but they do have an insane amount of images to flip through and I've seen some genuinely cool stuff over there.

So I started poking around as I'm wont to do when it comes to images.  Then bam, an image of a bathroom popped up and then bam, I thought, perfect!

front door and foyer before

I'm really starting to think they took exterior doors off of other projects and put them on this house.  When I see photos of the house before the rehab, they aren't these doors, but these doors are used and beat up.  Maybe I'll paint them too.  (Don't tell Mike but I'd love a different front door some day.)  (And yes I know, I need some trim paint to touch up my blue overage.  But they didn't fully paint all sides of the trim so I'm off the hook for being somewhat sloppy.)


So above that's our front door, the front entry area.  And, as you can see, the stairs leading up are right there too.

stair wall before

Heh, a lone little paint chip on the wall hanging listlessly in a sea of sickly yellow ochre.

That carpet is coming up at some point, guaranteed.  Mike hates it too.  It's the same cheap a** carpet they used in the pantry and on the back stair.  With a trillion staples.  We step on those staples all the time too.  Fun.  Not.  I'm not a big fan of those iron spindles either but that's not a project near the top of the list.  For now.

As you can see, I already took the chair rail off and put a layer of joint compound over the resulting wall mess.

At first I was thinking really dark, like the darkest color on that paint chip then lining the stair up with photos and artwork.  The photos and artwork are still on the docket.  (I would love to make a bunch of pieces like this or this but these are my favorite and what I really really want.)  But then I saw this on Houzz.....

......and bam, immediately thought front door entry area.  (What, am I Emeril all of a sudden?  Yeesh, sorry.)

The flipper left a bunch of paint cans behind in the basement, probably thinking the buyer would just loooove the colors so much that they'd want to touch them up if anything got dinged.  *bleeech*  But surprisingly, I found a partial can of black down there.  I still can't figure out where they used black.  And why they didn't use more of it.  Well, they're idiots, that's why.  So I've got black, I have blue, gray, the teal-y blue-green from upstairs; I'll pick some colors, maybe scrap some, see how it all plays out.  It could even be that one of those awful colors they used might even look good in a format like this, I'll be openminded.

I'm not going to match what's in that image, just take the idea of what they did and adapt it to our house.  Which I think is key -- if you try to duplicate something you've seen somewhere, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment if you can't recreate it exactly.  Or it may be that the recreated idea ends up not being right for where you put it.  Or you don't have the things or tools they had so it doesn't truly match therefore you're disappointed.  There are a lot of variables.  Don't be afraid to be creative and adapt an idea to fit you; it becomes something you're that much more proud of because then it's your idea.  I see things all the time and think, oh, that's super cool....but you know what would be cooler is if I did this with that....

The good thing about this project is that it will take a little time and force me to cool my jets on getting it done.  I have to plan the layout, measure it all, get everything straight and taped (one of the few instances where I'll have to cave and use painter's tape, boo), paint a few areas, pull tape, retape, paint and so on.  Hopefully those little paint sample cans will have enough paint in them to cover a striped area, I'll have to see.  I know different stores have different sizes.  Ah, I'll check the mis-mix section too!

The stripes will run to the point where the ceiling returns to go up which you can see in the photo above.  After that I'll paint a solid color going up the stairs on that wall.  The other walls in the stair hall....I dunno yet.  Hm...stripes on the opposite wall on the angle of the stair....hmmm....Mike might kill me.  Though he can be pretty adventurous so I'll swing it by him.

Hailey has gotten up on her own several times today and walked the full length of the house unaided so she clearly wants to be all better, get back to her normal routine, lay in her regular spots, get her independence back.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  After all she's gone through, she still has incredible resilience and a strong will to keep moving forward.  I feel sad and bad and my stomach gets in knots watching her bop around on three legs instead of four, but three is infinitely better than not being here so....sigh.  I'm sad but excited, weepy but proud, fearful but yet my awe, admiration, and wonderment of and for her know no bounds now.  Not that they never did before but now, know what I'm getting at.  She teaches me lessons about life that everyone should be taught.  She's got more "you can do anything" in her than I'll ever have which is pretty darn inspiring.

I'll start this project today most likely and when Hailey is all better and moving about safely on her own, I'll pick up more paint to complete it.

What do you think?  Would you do something like this at your place?  Do you have paint ideas that you love but are afraid to try?

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