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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today was another day of working with the painters on the office project.  They're almost done which is exciting.  Unfortunately I couldn't get better shots of the swanky wall mural we put up yesterday but I can show you the ones I did get today.

That 6" too short thing is a bit of a drag, but since we opted to fill in the lake area with the matching color, we decided to paint the bottom 6" too.  It's a choice.  I hope it works overall.  My first preference was to split the difference, center the mural vertically on the wall but it would have made for some tricky installation.

Either way, the mural is pretty darn cool.

Today was I was working on the elevator lobby since the office now occupies the whole floor.  I drew inspiration from a CTA El station, a transfer between the Red and Blue lines underground.

My task today was to tape out the buildings so the painters can just swoop in and paint it light blue.  There will be two black stripes as well, one two inches below the buildings and one about two inches above.  Similar but different to the research photo, using colors we already have going on in the office itself.

It'll be a really neat effect when it's all done.  The ceiling is being painted in the same light blue.  Unfortunately the building management won't change the crummy carpet in the lobby so we have to deal with it.  Boo.

But anyway, that's where that's at!  I'll post photos soon of the finished paint job.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


  1. That looks SO cool, Bec. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to seeing it too!


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