Pantry progress and a premiere!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oooh boy.  What a busy day.  Whoooie, I'm pooped.

I made some progress on the pantry which is fantastic.  I got the big shelves up and the sad temporary shelving units out of the room.  It's so much bigger in there now!

I drew up a plan of the room first then I shopped the Menards website for shelf sizes.  (Boy, I really am a sick Menards junkie, aren't I?!  People are actually saying stuff to me about it now.  Should I start worrying?)  It took a few runs at shelf sizes but I figured out the best layout.

Until I started drawing the room in elevation to figure out the heights of all the shelves.  That changed two walls worth, but eh, it's fine.

I didn't ask Mike to go with me to get shelves yesterday on his day off.  I knew how that would go.  *glossy eyed stare* and then a "pffft."  No worries, I picked them up today.

Sometimes it's great having a small car and sometimes it's, well, a little challenging.  I picked up five 8' long shelves and considering this is my first two door car instead of the usual four door, I was a tad concerned.

Here's my first attempt.  I thought I was good to go but nope, the hatchback wouldn't shut all the way.  Darn it!  At least it wasn't too terribly cold out.

And the second attempt.  Go Rabbit!  Go Rabbit!  I love my little car.  I was worried the shelves would slide off and break.  And worried that I'd hit a few of our trillions of nasty potholes along the way home and the shelves would snap in half.  But, we're all good.  Whew.

I have eight more shelves to put up, all four footers.  In the mean time, it is really really really nice to see the pantry taking shape.  (Click here to see the follow up)

On that note, gotta run.  It's premiere night, ya know!  Sirens on USA Network, gosh, in only 20 minutes!  I hope you tune in.  Baby needs a season two so please watch!  Here's a link to Sirens info online!

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