Companion to semi-complete project, the upstairs hall bedroom.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I don't know if I mentioned before or not, I'm thinking not, but every room in this house needs repainting.  Yep, every single one.  Oh wait, save one; the walk-closet in the master bedroom is white, shockingly enough.  Sixteen total rooms, if you include the stair up and the upstairs hall as rooms.  Yeah.  I'm pooped just thinking about it.  Every color they chose was awful and most rooms have more than one awful color in it.

The hall bedroom upstairs, what we're calling a guest room, was no exception.  It's not a particularly bright room having only one window and the building next door is only about three feet away.  They painted two walls in a strange taupe-y orange color and two in a weird peachy color.

real estate listing photo before

Either someone went to the mis-mix paint section and bought everything there or this house was a dumping ground for leftovers from other houses.  I suspect both.  Although, the mis-mix section can be a really great place to pick up some paint for a fraction of the normal price and I highly recommend floating through there.  I bought a gallon of gray I intend to use on our master bathroom for a mere $5.  Or if I find that it won't work, I'll have it re-tinted a bit.

I haven't quite finished this room either and much like the corresponding bathroom post, I'm not sure I'm sold on this color.  It's really starting to look hospital-green to me and that's pretty unappealing.  The room, as you can tell, is super narrow with the full size bed just barely crammed in there.  The majority of rooms in our house are not large.

view of guest bed

I tried to rebalance the color in PhotoShop but didn't get it close.  I need to make a concerted effort on learning my camera, huh?

We had picked up the sheets and throw pillows at Target the day we bought the mattress set.  I like those throw pillows.

hospital green painted wall

Someone so kindly gave me that large canvas for free which I painted over.  It was great timing then as we were trying to sell our place in Logan Square and had a blank wall in need of some artwork.  The little light above the bed came from Ikea umpteen years ago, from my parents who were on an east coast trip and went to an Ikea for the first time.

grandparent's table and wedding gift lamp

I kind of like where this corner is going.  I purchased two picture holder shelf thingies from Ikea and put some of my favorite Happy Meal toys on there.  Yes, Happy Meal toys.  I have a huge collection.  No, I didn't eat all those meals but as a teenager/college kid shuffling between two jobs, yeah, I ate a few.  I did purchase a few sets of toys on eBay, namely Animaniacs toys, or people gave me some.  These toys are pretty much the only collection of anything I ever started.  I'm not much of a collector type person in general but as a prop person I do have some awful packrat tendencies.  I promised Mike I'd fill these two shelves with toys and sell the rest.  I wonder how many more I can fit on there....

Anyway.....!  The lamp was a wedding gift that came from Crate and Barrel and the table belonged to my grandparents.  My brother and I used to play on that table every time we visited them, usually with race cars going up and down and over the Jetsons-esque swoopy legs.  I'm a big fan of this table.  I wish we had a place for it in our living room so I could see it more often.

I picked up a remnant of fabric from the super huge fabric store to make a curtain but it turns out the piece is too short.  That's ok, time to get creative.  I picked up a one yard remnant of white from Joann Fabrics the other day to compensate for the length.  Maybe I'll make that curtain today.  (Though I am really dying to paint the weird yellow ochre room we're using as a pantry and get some shelves up, tear the crappy carpet out.  That's a big project as everything has to shift and/or move out of there.  I also haven't jumped on it because I cheaped out too far on the white paint.  It is really crappy, will require several coats, hence my procrastination, and kicking of myself.  Ok, I think I've now hit my breaking point on that room and will start today.  It's not going to resolve itself.)

So that's where I'm at with this bedroom.  A bit of a rush job much like the bathroom and it's certainly not complete.  And I may repaint, we'll see.  It would be a bit of a shame that I'd have to buy another gallon or two of paint, but sometimes you have to admit you made a mistake.  It's not terrible, the color, but I'm thinking it's not panning out the way I had hoped.  See, it's just paint, easily changed!

Oh, but definitely mark your calendars now:  Sirens on USA Network, Thursday, March 6 at 9 pm Central time!  Watch it so the show gets a second season!

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  1. That IS a cool table! And your happy meal collection will come in useful with visiting kids as well as being an interesting feature in the room.

    1. Thank you -- I really love the table! Great point on the toys; now I don't have to sell them! ;)


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