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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh yeah, the office is complete!  I'm excited.  Well, ok, it's soooo close to done.  The mural is up, the painting minus one stripe is all complete, I hung some artwork around, the tile in the office entry is done....ah it feels so good.  Lots of photos to share with you today, although I don't have photos of the tile yet.  Due to the current needs of my sweet little tripedal, I am house-bound until she can get around safely on her own.  Not that I mind -- seriously, spend time with Hailey?  Nooo problem!  Although I expect Menards will be sending out a search party and cards in the mail soon:  we miss you, come back!   Sorry guys, you'll just have to wait.

This might be a long post, my apologies in advance, but it'll be worth it!

First, where we started several years ago.  This is part of the project, the main hall off of the entry lobby that leads to the rest of the office so it is seen by clients and employees continuously.  I drew up the city map of neighborhoods using Adobe Illustrator and the office already owned all the great artwork.  Scott Gerwitz did all the painting and mural installation the first time.

You can kinda see the tile installation going on there on the left side-ish....Well.  All right.  I'll get some photos another day.  The glass you see is the main entry door.

So here's the mural.  The fine folks at Picture Perfect Painting did all the painting and installation this go around.  I don't have a website for them but if you'd like their contact info, let me know.

As I mentioned before, it was created for us by the excellent folks at Wallpapered.  These guys are awesome and you should buy lots of stuff from them.  Also as I mentioned before, it looked so easy to put up -- roll the paste they sent onto the wall, hang the paper, mush it about a bit to line up, and presto, cool a** wall mural.  They also have a Facebook page where they'll ever so kindly be putting photos up of this mural and they have a Pinterest page which I strongly encourage you to follow.  Like do-it-now strongly.

Here's the wall with the stripe and artwork.

Before I hung the artwork, I drew up the wall in AutoCAD* and evenly spaced out where everything will hang, every 9'-5.25".  I used my new BFF again, string, to speed up the process since I would be going solo on the installation plus I was going to be doing it during business hours.  I made a knot, measured out the distance, tied another knot and off I went.  Using painters tape and a tack, I got the frames up with minimal distraction.  Painters tape on one end then the tack at the measured distance away to where the frame was to hang, making a small guide hole that's hidden by the picture.  Before I hung the picture, I moved the painters tape end to the newest spot, then the tack end to the next location so that the frame and string could hang correctly while I found the following location.  I must say, String, you make my life so easy.  swoon

And finally the elevator lobby.

I sure wish the building management would change that lovely carpet, ugh....Well anyway.  So at the end of the hall there, the blank white wall, another light blue stripe will go there.  We also are doing two-ish foot tall cut out's of their lettered logo in painted MDF and attaching that over the stripe, offset from the wall to give it depth.  Photos another day when they are up.

All the paint is Behr:  Cracked Pepper (black), Sea Ridge (deeper blue), and Serene Sky (lighter blue).  I won't be surprised if that Serene Sky ends up in my house, I love it.  The frames for the artwork I hung up along the long wall are Ribba from Ikea and I cut the mats myself using mat board from Dick Blick.

So that's my office project!  Yay!  I sure hope they enjoy it and that it enhances everything they do.

*The AutoCAD link is an AutoDesk affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. WOW, that looks fantastic. I love the elevator lobby. What a sharp treatment!


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