Pantry photos.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Yeah, because I was a bozo and didn't take pictures before writing the blog post about it.

I haven't had time to really organize it or get stuff in there or figure out how to best maximize the space but someday I will.  I've got stuff in the basement that needs to come up and be in here for easier access, which will be great for that reason alone but also to get stuff out of the basement.  That basement.....yeah, that'll be a big project sometime.  Later.  Much later.

So yeah, of course the shelves and brackets are from Menards.  Shocker, right?  The shelves are a smooth, fine particle board but they're actually pretty sturdy and I actually really like the look against the white walls. Plus I really liked their prices too.  The four footers were all of $2.74 each, the eight footers were $6.24 each.  Niiiice.  I'm all about a good look for less cash.  Yeah, there's a gap in the corner where the four footers meet but (oddly) it doesn't bug me.

Now I'm super dooper dying to rip out that cheap crap carpet that I can't vacuum because it's so cheap the stuff snags and jams up the vacuum.  Knowing the flipper though, there will be a trillion staples holding it down, much like the carpet they put on the back stairs. That lead to a super muddy wet back yard.  Smart planning there.  Not. (I already ripped that out and put in a heavy duty black runner that doesn't show muddy paw prints, dries fast, isn't smelly, handles high traffic Way better, and is Way easier to clean.  Removal of 500,000 staples later of course.)

Anyway, pantry photos!  And yes, my blood is made of Nesquik.

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