Easy DIY: Leather Plant Hanger.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

leather plant hanger
This really is a very easy, very simple, IMO quite stylish little DIY project:  a leather plant hanger.  It's boho, it's mid-century, it's chic, it's hey, whatever you want it to be and a great solution to hang plants from the ceiling for a sleek, modern look!

If you remember back a bit, I fabricated some on-the-fly, didn't-read-up-on-how-to-it macrame type plant hangers and strung them from the ceiling in the living room.

Mike was not a fan, both of the macrame stuff and where I located them, but considering the size of our dog....

Finn the German Shepherd
"What?  Who, me?!"  I know, nothing for scale here.
....I didn't want to leave plants on the window sill since Finn hops his two front feet up there, barks and stomps his big feeties around at anything walking by.  That's a paw and plant accident waiting to happen.

Given Mike's distaste, I opted to hang the plants within the window frame area and while occasionally Finn bonks into them, everyone is safer this way.

Still though, it seemed like one pot was not secure within its stringy home, hinting at a slip and fall at any given moment which is nerve-wracking.

Years ago I had spotted a leather plant hanger online and thought huh, way easy to DIY, add that to the mental to-do list.

And finally I did!  Finally!

artsy view of leather plant hanger
Truly, it's as simple as can be and here's all you need:
Short list for such a nifty effect, right?!

Before.  Wah wah.
Go grab the planter you intend to hang, preferably one without a hole in the bottom, heh, measure the base then decide how large of a piece of leather (or pleather or whatever sturdy material) you'll need.

Note you'll want it to be bigger than the bottom of the planter for space for the grommet hardware so consider at least an inch and a half larger on all sides or so.  Larger and it's a more enveloped look; smaller and it's more floaty.

trimming leather trim to size under planter
Here I picked up a rectangular piece from Michaels, just one of those single eight and a half by eleven pieces of craft suede, and trimmed it square-ish.  Joann Fabrics'* remnant section is a perfect spot to find bits like this too.

Next, determine where you want the grommets to be for hanging.  I set the planter on the trimmed leather piece then held up corners to kinda eyeball where they should go.  

To not lose your spot, put a little dot of ink from a Sharpie* to mark the center of your grommet destination.  Too, you can be more methodically accurate and measure this out instead of eyeballing.  Just make sure you leave enough edge so the weight of the planter doesn't rip through.

I gave the leather a little fold and with scissors, made a small snip through the layers.  Trust me, don't skip the snip as it makes wiggling the grommet parts through easier.

The fold, not necessary of course but I wanted an extra layer of security in case big ol' Finn goes barreling into the window.  

Sure, too, you can use the circle cutter that's included in with the grommet kit.  I find it always leaves a bit to be desired in its abilities though.

circle cutter from grommet kit
Why does this never work?
If you do use it, set the leather on the grommet (I keep spelling it like Wallace and Gromit) pounding base or a hard surface and line up the circle cutter piece atop.  Bang bang with the hammer and technically you should have a nice clean cut out circle.  If not, snip snip.

adding grommets to suede leather trim corners
Lay a grommet with the tube part in the pounding base thingie, slip the leather over it, place the flat ring over all that, then with the other tool included, pound the snot out of it with the hammer until everything is secure.

It's fun.

Be sure to save this project when you have a little aggression you need to expel.

finished leather with grommets
Ok, now grab your hanging stuff, clothesline, rope, whatever, cut two long pieces and loop them around the metal ring.  I did it the same way I hooked the clothesline onto the curtain rod for the dip dyed string curtain.

knotting clothesline around metal ring to hang
Cut the strings long so you have plenty to work with but also be sure to give a general measure for hanging length, how high or low you want the whole thing to hang.

Now, here's the only tricky part which ultimately is merely minorly frustrating but don't panic:  pull the clothesline through the grommets and knot.  Why is this tricky?  So that it hangs level.  I've had to untie and re-tie a few times or nudge the knots around but eh, no biggie.

knotting clothesline through grommets on leather trim
Or get creative with the line and run it below the leather or around or whichever way for added support and decorative value, or however.

Too, you could even string large wood beads* on the ends and knot below it.  Really, your imagination is your only limitation on looks here.

Almost there...install the ceiling hook very securely.  Preferably into a ceiling joist.  How do you find a ceiling joist?  Exactly the same as a wall stud:  use a stud finder.*  They're usually sixteen to twenty four inches on center, depending.  

But if no joists are available, make sure you use a very sturdy anchor* so you're not bolting through the ceiling in the middle of the night if this thing crashes down.  

Lastly, hang your fancy pants easy DIY leather plant hanger up!

finished leather plant hanger with plant hanging
Cool, right?  An easy DIY, leather plant hanger!

view of leather plant hanger hanging from sort of below
About a twenty dollar project in about fifteen minutes!  Super stylish, super hip, and super easy!

*The leather trim is a Michaels affiliate link.  The cotton clothesline, grommet tool kits, wall anchors, wood beads, and stud finders are Amazon affiliate links.  The grommets, metal rings, and hammers are Home Depot affiliate links.  The ceiling hooks, Sharpies, and scissors are Lowes and the Joann Fabrics link is a general Joann Fabrics affiliate link.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.


  1. It is not easy but you made it look super easy. Plant hangers can enhance the look your house more as they look more cute and also the house looks furnished.

    1. I can appreciate that. Thank you! They are small but mighty in what they can accomplish, you’re very right. Thanks!


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