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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Such the busy time of year, right?  Whewie.

I thought as we wind down the year and decade (yeesch, how did that happen?!) and gear up for the next one, that I'd close out/start the new with a zip around the internet.

Seriously, wasn't it just January 2019 the other day?!  How does time fly this fast?!  I know I say this every year and surely it's withering to read, yeah Becky just do it, but I gotta get on my house game here.  It may seem I do a lot, but so much is in limbo.

Already I'm feeling a raging desire to purge what feels like a too full house.  That feeling has come atypically prior to January.  Huh.

I dove in whole hog too which is awesome.  Deleted phone apps (hey, small victories).  Donated bags of clothes.  Cleaned out numerous things in the basement (nearly my entire Happy Meal toy collection went.  Yep.), other rooms, have stuff up on the ol' Craigslists, have donate piles piling up.

...get rid of more.....more....go.....bye.....

I am wholly proud of myself for getting at the task, starting, getting it done, and getting things out the door.  To be truly honest, it all started because I'm looking for a soap dish that's downstairs somewhere (found it).  Right?  Yeah.  Heh!

Part of this purge is sharing the links I've been saving, trim my Pocket down, as it's been a very long while since our last web trip.

No need to worry, we'll get right back with more on that cough plumber and the goings-ons in the master bathroom and everywhere else in the house.  New year, new decade!, new fun, yeah?!

So I've been saving links and saving links and saving links.  Get yourself comfy, grab some freshly baked cookies, let's do some traveling!

cedar wood frame for mirror with clips
It's amazing what a simple rectangle can do, amiright?!
Speaking of getting rid of things, here's loads of food for thought on the opposite end:  the start.  Don't buy it in the first place, thanks to George Monbiot's The Gift of Death.  I know, morbid title but read it.  Read it again.

Related, and interesting as it happens to me when I shop online, There is Too Much Stuff from The Atlantic.

Ok, let's switch to some funny....Every DIY Project Will Require Three Trips to the Hardware Store.  Oh.  Oh.  Oh so true.

oversized wall mount pegboard wine rack diy
Ah, the pegboard wine rack!  Wow is it working out well too, holy cow people, it's fantastic!
These always crack me up, A Woman Asked People to Send Her the 'Worst' Design and Architecture Pictures They Have, and the Dozens of Responses are Hilarious.  Wow, I'll tell ya, I thought our flipper was bad but he's been beat.

Need a reason to make some art?  Study Says Art Makes you Mentally Healthier, Even if You're Not Good At It.  How 'bout a faboo art-filled New Year's resolution, eh?

Oh, and somewhat related, Science Says Silence is Much More Important to Our Brains Than We Think.  I wholeheartedly agree.

Let's see....let's hit up some controversy.  House Beautiful seems to be going for the ol' clickbait lately with 3 Design Ideas You Should Never Try on Your Bookshelves.

Dudes.  Seriously.  I bet they use books as props unceasingly, without even thinking about it.  Or love the torn out pages crafty bits or the folded pages stuff or whatever else book maiming.  Organizing by color?  How is that really any different than backward books?  It still treats books as props.

The rage is ridiculous.
handpainted wall murals
The hand-painted wall murals.  Boy, folks think the stripes are boring and were uh, quite blunt in their displeasure too.
Continuing with House Beautiful's whimsy, Please Stop with the Open Floor Plans.  Or worse yet, how about Open Concept Homes are for Peasants.  Wow.  I mean.  Don't hold back, why don'tcha.

I happen to disagree.  I'll give them a partial pass on energy inefficiencies but maybe learn how to furnish, manage, organize and/or tidy up an open plan rather than throw lackadaisical horror at it.

Related, Why Our Brains Love High Ceilings.  To me, clearly, high ceilings and open plans work the same brain magic.

Multiple small rooms are confining.  And wastes valuable square footage.  And blocks the flow of natural light.  And limits flexibility.

If you don't want to be around your family, you've got other issues to worry about than an open floor plan.  Plus, divided rooms get just as messy as open ones, what's the diff.

Ok.  Sorry.  I suppose I can be just as opinionated, heh.  To each their own.  Maybe they need 4 Tips for Designing a Home that Sparks Creativity.

modular outdoor patio coffee table with pallet wood blocks and long nails
I just love love love love love this little modular coffee table for our patio.  Love.
Let's look at some amazing spaces then, shall we?  Yes!!  Let's!!

Raaawwwrrr, 17 Dark and Moody Wall Ideas that Will Elevate Any Home from Homes.  Ok, yes please, more please.  Hopefully you'll take the leap and go bold!

ooooohhhhh, how about House & Home's 8 Stylish Powder Rooms that Make a Bold Statement?!  Yessss.  What fun, right?  Powder rooms are perfect for big striking statements.

Kinda a surprise from HGTV here:  California Cool:  Tour an Edgy Monterey Family Home.  That's a lovely visual feast for sure, wow.

DIY painted ceramic tile floor stencil
Still holdin' up, this stencil-painted-for-less bathroom tile floor!
The Chicago Women in Trades website.  Yes.  Awesomeness all around.  Oh, and this one gives me goosebumps it's so cool, Tools and Tiaras.  Empowerment is breathtaking.

Oh, speaking of women, Men Create 7 Extra Hours of Housework for Women a Week, Study Finds.  Huh.

Squeaking in one more.....Minimal Illustrations Celebrate Oscar Niemeyer's Modernist Architecture.  Super super cool, yeah?

Oh and don't forget to vote for my projects over in the Instructables Home Decor contest!  Look for these three below, one vote each:

projects with wood around the house
Scroll down the entrants for the wall trim, the lath wall, and the wood block headboard, if you'd be so kind!  Thank you!
Ok!  Today's photo theme?  A smattering of thrilling projects from the year that brought me great joy.  Yay!  Happy New Year to you all, happy new decade, and let's get some sh*t done!


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