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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's that time again, a day of web surfing which is kinda apt really as I heard it was National Napping Day.  Although by the time you read this, or this gets posted, it may no longer be.  Eh, every day should be National Napping Day.'s that time again when I've started a big project (I know!  Are you as shocked as me?!) and it's too boring to share with you currently but I want to give you something to read in the mean time.

Plus I've been stockpiling fun and/or interesting and/or weird links and my pile is bursting.  Time to thin that herd.  Spring cleaning, ah ha.

But so yes, I ripped out the shower tile in the hall bathroom.

I know, I know, it was perfectly eh fine-ish and it could have maybe stayed and none would be the worse or however that phrase kinda goes but it was offending my eyes, clashing with the spiffy wood slats.

And I cannot have clashing.

Plus Mike was (good) pushy pushy, get yo' a** up and movin' girl, get some sh*t done would ya?  Granted he thought it was irrational, I was nutso, for wanting to replace the tile but, alas, he knows me far too well, poor guy.  Cannot stop this freight train.

Plus we have a mountain of tile loitering in various locations, I may be a tile hoarder I dunno, originally meant for the first floor bathroom and the master bathroom, the latter of which Mike will not let me touch.  Yet.

Which only means I'll get to go tile shopping again at some point.  Woot!

But the project has stalled out as I frustratingly need a brief helping hand, no two ways about it.  Especially since my left rotator cuff has decided it wants to be like the right one:  crappy.  Although we'll see, I'll probably do something stupid and try it anyway.

And oh, the interesting stuff you discover when you rip apart walls, lemme tell ya.

Uhhh, yup.  Uh huh.  Interesting.
But I'll tell ya more on that later.

Today we're here to trip the web fantastic.

You comfy?  Shall we begin?

First, have you guys been over to the new blog I'm working on with my friend Jen?  What?!  You haven't?!  Aw dear, well get your baking on and check it out here.  And bookmark that because man, we are sharing some damn fine stuff.

Spring is hinting that it's finally gonna be back in the air any minute now, and wooo, I'm deeelighted.  Hallelujah!  Warmer weather makes me happy, as does not having to wear fifteen layers at every given moment, outdoors and in.  Yeah.  I am perma-cold.

And I absolutely absolutely cannot wait to see those peony bushes I planted last year bloom in all their glory.  Or at least one of them.  Or gosh, I hope .... oh gosh, nails, what nails, I just bit them off ....  keep hope alive, people!

Surely most tips are pretty obvious when it comes to getting your yard in gear for warmer weather:  clean up, clean out, fix things.  Here are some additional tips from Thompson & Morgan.  Lucky folks who have larger yards....sigh.....

And there are more good tips here from Flowering Gardens Made Easy as well.

I'm also excitedly anticipating seeing how my grass improvement techniques panned out.  I opted to skip the corn gluten meal this year as I realized, eh, clover is our main issue and CGM doesn't deal in clover.  Or so I read.  Let me know fast if I misread!

Gonna skip the spring overseeding and see what happens.  I mean, considering everything I did last fall, we should be in rock star shape.  Fingers crossed anyway.  Unless I find leftover seed in the garage, then who knows what could happen.

But I know I've got loads to do both in the front and back.

Oh.  Our deck?  That stain?  Yeah.  That fared so poorly, I can't even.  Very upset.  No doubt my initial sealer is to blame.  Research time.  Ugh.

And this better be the year we take care of a walkway from the deck to the house.  It better darn be!  Dammit, foot down!

And I'm so tired of the out front out front (technically called a parkway and fraught with issues, fyi) looking poopy so we'll see on that.  Knowing the city can rip that apart on a whim and not replace....I suppose that's why everyone's out front usually looks poopy.

C'mon warm weather, with your bada** warm self, let's go!

Oh wait, what?  It's what?  It's snowing right now?  Aw crap, come on!!

Black paint?  You know I can't not mention black paint.  What threw me for a loop here was that it's from, ya know, filled with realtor folk who typically prefer griege or white or nondescript, maybe or maybe not rightfully so.  No offense Pete, our Rock Star Realtor.

And speaking of black paint, or dark paint, here from Design*Sponge, Best of 2017:  Dark and Moody Interiors. (link is broken, sorry folks!)

Next HGTV speculates on Which New Colors of the Year Will Reign in 2018?  Personally?  Who cares, just get some color into your life, my friends!

Although, heh, 10 Yellow Kitchens That Bring All the Happy Feels from House Beautiful surely will make you want to paint the town yellow.  Myyyy fave.

Good for a laugh like are you f'in' serious you guys wrote this whose idea .....  Why Introverts and Extroverts Need Different Home Decor to Thrive from Elle Decor.

Seriously?  If I believed everything written there, I'd be a raging extrovert which I couldn't be more thoroughly the opposite.  Hooey.  Someone was working the introvert/extrovert click bait angle methinks.

Along those same lines: What is Maximalism? 5 Expert Design Tips to Add Color and Pattern to Your Home from HuffPost.  As much as I so love minimalism, crave to be a minimalist, I find myself drawn to maximalism as well.  What a basket case!

Related, haha:  Want to Declutter Your Life?  Here's How from Next Avenue.  Yes please!  Yes!  Me!  I haven't read it yet though.  (Can't find a current link for the article, sorry!!)

The fox image in this Modern Cabin Interior Design:  4 Inspiring Examples to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing did as advertised.  Ping, idea ahead!

Backwards books.


Have you guys seen the whole backwards books thing?  Seen the absurd big stink, people freaking out over books backwards on shelves?

Cracks me up really.  The way books get abused for the purposes of, well, first and foremost being solely a prop in design and then folks get tweaked over books stored with the pages facing out?

P l e a s e.

Here, go chop up this book or mangle it for some unnecessary crafty thing that will be tossed in a month but display a book backwards on a shelf?  Sacrilege!  Heresy!

Eye roll.  I call major Bull.Sh*t.  Duplicitous much?

Personally, I think it looks cool with the pages out, less messy and less visually distracting, but heh, clearly to each their own as this topic throws people into utter rage.

I mean sure, I did dismantle one book for my office (but I also bought a second copy to keep) and I had to destroy books for theater props quite often and yes it hurt each time but c'mon, pages out?  Please.  Stop.  Relax.

Then don't do it.  Simple.  But don't judge others.  Or be mean, c'mon.

Ah the internet and its ceaseless opinions.  As I espouse my own, heh, irony.

Ok, moving on.

All right, let's wrap up a fun note:

Schumacher is celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th (holy cow!) birthday in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation beginning in June with a release of forty new fabrics from original designs.  And I'm dyin' over here!  Want want want, aw boy.

As always, a slim photo day results in a Hailey.

So pretty, my sweet girl.  That awful day has been on my mind lately.  She loved the snow, heh, unlike her mommy.  Sure do miss that lil' punkin' head.
Well that oughta tide you over for a bit, until I get the hall bathroom back into some kind of shape.  I hope.  Read slow!

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