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Saturday, September 24, 2022

web trip
I say this, travel, as today is the last day of no doubt an utterly and completely jaw-dropping experience traveling overseas.  I'm writing this in advance so, heh, I can only begin to fathom what I've been up to.  But as I'll be on a plane home in a minute, let's take a Travel Web Trip so there's plenty of reading material!

As per usual, I've been stashing links left and right for you in my handy ol' Pocket so grab some Walkers shortbread,* neeps and tatties, skerpikjøt, a dram of whisky, and cozy in -- it's web trip time.  

Now you know where I've been.

We'll see if I'm coming home.  

Airport?  What airport?

Ok yes, I'll be home.  Mike and Finn are there.  (Yes, Mike stayed home.  Yes, it broke my heart in *the worst* way.)

And I have lingering projects.  But mostly Mike and Finn.  

Paint often pops up in this internet neck of the woods, and for very good reason.  It's inexpensive and it transforms walls, a room, decor, what-have-you in a day.  And, it's easy to change if your choice of color goes awry.  Plus, painting is fun, it's near-instant interior design and decor gratification.

What I don't mention often, which I should, are tips on how to do this with minimal mess, stress, and tools.  Family Handyman has a helpful guide here on how to cut in paint.

I did proffer other tips in the half-round wall post and a smattering of tips in various other paint posts.  Note made to share more.  But paint, it's a solid yes.

half round paint on wall
Still love those paint by numbers-ish pooch portraits.  Of course.
Better Homes & Gardens has an excellent article about The Top 10 Common Paint Misconceptions You Can Ignore.  Number one on their list is my absolute favorite.

In that number one vein, Domino has Not Going Dark and Moody in Your Windowless Bathroom is a Missed Opportunity.  Couldn't agree more, Domino, couldn't agree more.

So, whip out those brushes and get painting!

Onwards on this travel web trip is House & Home's 95+ of House & Home's Best Small Space Solutions.  Some cool tips in there whether you have a small space or a large space.  I'm always taking a look at small space solutions as limits, such as budgetary, space, or otherwise, often squeeze out the most creativity.

modern wall organizer DIY
This wall organizer DIY, a terrible photo yet it's a great small space solution.
When you've been busy DIY'ing up a storm, mistakes are bound to happen.  Yeah.  Heh, I know all too well.  So Lifehacker has a little ditty about How to Hide Your Most Obvious DIY Renovation Mistakes.  Good to bookmark, haha.

Decluttering always seems to be in the news, amirite?  One way or another.  And there are a zillion tips online.  

Not every tip is going to work for every person or their situation so don't be discouraged but Apartment Therapy has listed a bunch of reasons why it's good for you in their 5 Things I Learned About Decluttering by Applying this Drastic Strategy to My Home.  They should consider decluttering their headlines a bit.

Food52 has some suggestions if you find the whole concept of decluttering a head-exploder with their Find the Thought of Decluttering Stressful?  Try This.

pantry organization projects
The pantry tends to stress me out.  
Generally speaking though, I find attacking one small area at a time helps.  Clear it out completely, start from scratch, and go from there.

And to dig into reasons why we collect, in case it helps you free yourself, Martha Stewart offers Why Do We Collect?  It's an Art, but the Experts Say it's Also Part of Our DNA.

The Atlantic had this piece, Art Should be a Habit, Not a Luxury.  What a society we'd be if this were the case.

Ok, digging up more goodies for this travel web trip, let's dip into architecture and design.

This looks like a place I'd move into immediately, This Warehouse-Turned-Modern-Home Celebrates Street Art from design\milk.  Always been a fan of Australian architecture; they're ampler risk-takers.

While this is way too much white for me, there's some cool stuff here and the bathroom tile is *mwah,* rockin':  A Brooklyn Storefront Church Finds a New Life as a Family Home from Curbed.

There's a time and place for white paint but I personally am well over the overexposed white wall business on social media.  Sure, it photographs agreeably, enhanced by PhotoShop.  Unless you have loads of natural light pouring in, white walls tend to look drab and dingy.  To me, it looks dated.
previously done dining room
The dining room, though gray and everyone abhors gray now (not me) has shifted from "complete" to "pending" now.
And I got sidetracked....Travel web trip.  Focus.


Given the title, there's still too much white in this Tour a Toronto Home Where Black and Geometrics Rule from HGTV but there are a couple interesting ideas here.

Architectural Digest has the scoop on A Dilapidated Workshop Becomes a Pattern-Covered Home and Office which is a fun little feast for the eyes.

Lastly, this piece ties together pretty much every topic I've mentioned today:  Small Interiors Made Airy with White and Yellow Decor and Space Saving Solutions from Home Designing.

Ready to get to work now?  Popular Mechanics has a listing of The 8 Best Pry Bars for Demolition and Nail Pulling.  Not that I uh, am uh, totally encouraging you to tear your house apart but ya know, just in case you need the info...

new stair tread test fit
That article was very helpful when it came to the stair.  Gotta finish the stair....
...becaauuuse, Bob Vila will toss in with just that much extra motivation to get up and do it with 9 Reasons Why DIY is Good for Your Well-Being, According to Science.  All excellent reasons and I can attest that each one is spot-on accurate.

Whoooo, that's a lot.  I probably overshared.  Two planes, ten hours of flying ahead, hopefully this travel web trip covers it!

All righty!  I'll be back at it shortly, probably after several rounds of smelling salts to calm myself down from the excitement I just experienced, picking my jaw back up off the ground, and possibly a few naps to readjust so stay tuned!

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