The dining room!

Friday, February 21, 2014

It was terribly unfair of me and not nice to not post a photo of the dining room yesterday with my light fixture discussion.  Today is much sunnier and a lot less gloomy, so here's the dining room in it's current state.

There's that spiffy light fixture and I think it looks pretty darn good.  My camera does a little fisheye thing so the fixture looks a little higher up than it is.

I have painted the room in a color elusively named Secret Passage, a nice light gray.  It really makes the room feel a lot airier and not so claustrophobic.  At night with the light nicely dimmed and folks around the table, it feels very cozy.

Mike got us all hooked up with some 2" wood blinds in all the windows.  He clearly knows me well and matched the wood to our dining room table.  It helps that I told him to though he had forgotten.

I picked up some Ribba frames from Ikea, which I need more of actually, and framed some oil painted artwork I did in college.  Which my friend Jenny will recognize as she has a piece from that grouping.

The dining table and chairs are all Craigslist finds from a few years ago, from three separate sellers and it all cost us less than $175.  The table, we were told, was originally from Z Gallerie and was upwards of $800.

I went to what is probably the world's biggest fabric store, or at least it feels like it (Textile Discount Outlet, or LZ Fabrics, or I can't remember what other name they go by), picked up fabric and recovered all the chairs.  Those arm chairs were in a lovely shade of dirty orange-ish yellow vinyl before being enveloped in a much nicer shade of soft blue faux suede.

So there ya have it!  The dining room!  Oh, pardon the dog fur dust bunny in the corner there, heh.


  1. As soon as I saw the pic I wondered if those paintings were yours! I LOVE that you have them framed and hung. I still have your painting hanging in my house, and still love it to pieces. :-)

    The room is beautiful!

  2. Thank you!

    I'm so flattered that you still have the one I gave you and that you love it so. :)


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