I never wanted to blog.

Monday, February 17, 2014

This is not something I ever planned on doing, wanted to do, thought that my thoughts needed to be put out in the world for everyone to see.  I never wanted to blog.

But, I'm getting tired of racking it all up in my brain, creating the storyline in my head, letting it take up space.  I may as well just get it out, right?  Make room for other stuff.  Maybe someone out there might find something I post as useful.

I can't say this will be a normal blog.  Or a whole hog DIY blog.  Or all about interior design tips.  Or what-have-you.  

It will most likely be a story of buying a house from a flipper in Chicago who had the worst taste on the planet and did things, how shall we say, cheaply?  

And how I'm trying to make it nice using my skill set within a reasonable budget.  

Plus I guess what got me to here today is that I'm so tired of looking at ugly stuff that's affordable while the attractive simple modern stuff is expensive.  

There's got to be a way, right?......Right?  There will be.  It just takes time and patience.  

I'm sure too some trials of homeownership will be peppered in here at times.  And fyi, I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm bound to make this thing not look right or function properly.

real estate photo of the house pre-flip
Our house, before

Here's the house, pre-flip, before we bought it, before the flipper got his grubby paws all over it.  It used to be a two flat and was converted into a single-family home.

It had that sad 50's stone facade, or maybe it was 70's.  Either way, it was sad looking.

a real estate listing photo of the house post-flip
Our house, after

Here's the house now, post-flip.  Or I should say, real estate listing post-flip, pre-purchase.  

It's got a fresh new facade of brick, a new door and one ginormous window on the first floor.  Although I guess it had that huge window before it appears.  Well, at least the front looks a lot better.  And at least the brickwork was done well.  It's pretty strong brick too, so say the several drill bits I broke trying to hang house numbers and our mailbox.

So we'll see where this thingie goes.  If anything it'll just be a record for myself of all that I did to undo what they all did.


  1. Hi! I've come over to your blog from hometalk and decided to go back to the beginning of your story. :)

    1. Oh fantastic! Welcome from Hometalk! I'm so glad you're here, thank you!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog from your lamp instructable- I look forward to reading your story. About the same time you bought your flipped house we gave up our place and moved into a vintage bus. The pandemic caused us to park the bus in the driveway of a place I still own as tenants were moving out. So I’m doing some DIY upgrades and trying to make it beautiful on a budget for whatever the next chapter will be. Your blog is a perfect find

    1. I'm so thrilled you're here! A vintage bus, I bet that's very cool and I hope it's been great for you. All my best wishes to you on your DIY journey! I sure hope you find some helpful and useful tips and information here. Feel free to swing back by with photos, I'd love to see what you're up to. Thank you so much and welcome!


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