Rules part 2, and a field trip!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

After a fun day of driving around with Mike and Hailey, I'm resting on the couch when I come across a new set of decorating rules, courtesy of House Beautiful.

I hope this link works.  At least there were two I could whole-heartedly agree with finally.

We went all the way out to Iowa today, no wait, sorry, I meant Oswego to pick up a cool little piece of bowling alley from someone who drove in from outside of Minneapolis.  Why Oswego, geez louise?!  That's far.  Turns out the Oswego Fire Department bought more than we did to make themselves a dining table and benches.  Very clever.  Those firefighters were mighty excited indeed.

So was I as that means I can fnally get the vanity done for our first floor bathroom which has been without a sink since November (actually, longer, I've forgotten though) and will likely be the topic of discussion for the next couple of days.  That piece of maple bowling alley will become the counter top.

Mike said, "let's make a day of this then, have some fun.  Isn't there one of those Diners, Drive In's, and Dives restaurants out there?"  An odd question for him to ask but turns out yep, Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket isn't terribly far from Oswego.

It's a happy, sleepy, full tummy all-lounge on the couch now.  Good thing we got one big enough for all three of us.

Stay tuned!

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