2020: Year in Review.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Jeez louise, another year has come and gone?!  What the hell, man?!  Preeeettttyyy sure not one person is sad to see this one come to an end.  At least this DIY projects Year in Review should have some comedic effect.

Why am I doing this Year in Review?  Well.  Probably TMI ahead here.  I jacked up my sciatica.  I know, right?  I'm apparently quite adept at going all-in on the extremely painful stuff.  I can't physically sit for long so rather than not share anything this week, we have a reflection on times bygone. 

Hey, maybe this'll be fun and we'll get motivated to rip through our to-do lists come 2021.  So let's hit some highlights, shall we?

Oh, I see we started the year out strong with the kitchen drawer utensil divider thingamajig.  That was a truly worthy project and I enjoy the organization in that drawer multiple times a day, every day.  

custom built poplar kitchen drawer organizer
Organized drawer, woot!

If you're unable to work a project like this into your plans, no worries, you can find handy organizers online* or maybe just a drawer purge will set you onto a happier plane.

Ah, mmm hm, the record player set up finally took some shape but guess what....yep, you guessed right, it has changed since.  This time I think I've got it though.  That, my friends, is a story for next year.

record player set up with album storage
I was never terribly fond of the way this turned out.  Messy.

Hey, at least Mike could play records again and that's truly what was important here.

Ah.  Yes.  The plumber made his second appearance.  Mmph.  A**hole.  In fact, the shower was coming together.

One fine Saturday, I got a whole sh*t ton of nagging items taken care of and then proceeded to write a much-too-long blog post about it.  There are some handy tips and helpful products there though.

various projects taken care of in one day
Yeah.  That was a busy Saturday.  Very satisfying Saturday nonetheless.

Ah yes, the giant oversized string art!  That Mike doesn't care for.  At all.  In fact, he says he hates it.

Likely it'll come down.  But, I need to figure out what to replace it with first before I do that.  Heh, or I'd prefer to figure that out first!

Right, frustration with the flashing around the front door rushed over me and I ripped it off with zero plan.  Thankfully I solved the dilemma before any rain came through.

Still amazed at how crooked this door is set within the frame.

Oddly, black was not my first trim color choice nor am I too excited about it being black against the green of the door so hopefully when it warms back up 'round these parts, I'll remember to change the color.

Speaking of paint, the half-round paint in the hallway upstairs!  Yessss!  Now this was a project Mike got behind and very much likes.  Mic drop, ah hahahahaaa!  

You'll hear more about this next year, in no small part because of Mike, in fact.  Let's all thank him in advance for the fun!

large half circle painted on wall
Well that poor plant has been decimated by inadvertent overwatering.  Dammit.  But the paint lives on and it makes a great transition between the stair and hall.

Later in the year, I dressed up the windows around the garage with some spiffy cedar frames then took it a step further by adding a floating shelf as a plant holder.  

garage window cedar floating shelf planter

Cannot wait until next spring and summer to see those frames brimming with pretty trailing plants!  Lots to look forward to there.  Suggestions were made to use clay pots instead of the plastic grower ones* I purchased, help keep the constant need for watering down.  I just may, we shall see.

The Photowall mural, well, that was thoroughly unexpected and quite the opportunity!

Photowall photo mural

This is another you'll hear more about next year too.  Gosh, so much to look forward to!  If you haven't subscribed to the blog, being first in line to hear about all the adventures, make it a New Year's resolution and sign up today.

Then, oh right, yessss, this was a huge hit here, the new foyer pendant light that I built!  

So loving this fixture.  We should probably turn it on much more often.  Head on over to the original post where you can get free plans to build this yourself.  

Rounding the bend on the year, I installed an incredibly inexpensive but also incredibly effective rain diverter on the garage.

rain diverter on garage roof

Keepin' our heads dry since 2020.  

The last major project of the year was the back stair which I am quite pleased with.  There are a few little things I'll be adding so stay tuned for that too.

Thanks for indulging me this round-up tour of the year.  Sometimes being so close to every project, I forget to take a step back to see the larger picture.  I, in fact, got lots done this year after all.

And as soon as my stupid back is back, there will be plenty more projects in the year ahead.  Need more stuff to look forward to?  How about the dun dun dun, laundry room!  January will be a year since I started that one but it is now ninety five percent of the way done.  Yes!  No joke!  It is a much much much happier place now.

Too, the main stair, carpet removal and redo of the treads and risers, that has begun and will get wrapped up.  Or it better.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me here this year!  Let's make 2021 a great one!

*The drawer organizers and growers pots are Amazon affiliate links.  Mwah, thanks!  Please see the "boring stuff" tab for more info.

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