Top 10 Hits of 2015.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's been a fun, busy year, yah?

Never as busy on the house project check-it-off list as I'd like, not gonna lie.  There's still plenty to do for sure and I'm reaaallllyyy hoping oh-16 is going to be a thumbs-up, banner project completion year.  Really hoping.  Heh.

I did manage to get quite a bit done though, in retrospect.  Yeah, wow, lots.

But rather than prattle on about the past year or dribble on about resolutions I'll never make nor keep, I thought as a fare-thee-well to 2015, as motivation to jump start 2016, I'd share the top ten most popular Flipping posts of the year, as evidenced by page view numbers to date.

I'll toss in a few of my fave '15 projects at the end, ones that didn't necessarily rank in general numeric popularity but ones that are hits with lil' ol' me.  Ah see, as I scroll, I'm already having trouble culling that list, darn it!

But so ok, hey hey, let's get this party started!

#10...Backsplash!  Showing y'all how to make brightly colored grout was grand!  I do love that bright blue grout.  #notsorryatall

blue acrylic paint in grout
Ack!! So fun, bright blue grout!  I love it.
#9...How To:  DIY A Woodblock Headboard.  Now yeah, see, I love the headboard too.  It was a fun sawdusty adventure all right and it was so worth it.  Love it.

wood block headboard

#8...How To Paint a Bathroom for $1.  It was a good tip sharing year and letting you in on the joys of the oops mis-mix paint section reaped a few ganders.  Seriously good tip though.

how to paint a bathroom for $1
Turns out the color is...3 oz. of black in eggshell white base.  No name.  Ha!
#7...The Dangers of Craigslist.  Yes, more than the obvious there.  Be careful of shopping it, buying stuff off it as you'll end up having to redo an entire room.  Mmm hm, yep.

bathroom vanity made with bowling alley wood
Buy new tile.  Redo of entire bathroom in order.  Omg, I just want that tile on the floor already.
#6...Let's Make...Wine Racks!  Heh, this one stirred the pot a little out there in the webs.  Folks were testy that I was storing bottles "incorrectly."  Temporary storage.  Temporary, so it's fine!  Heh.  Ah well.  They're cool and insanely efficient racks, so there.  pppllllttttt....

wall mount wine racks
Temporary storage.  Temporary.
#5...Project Hall Bedroom Sliding Door:  Done, Part 2.  Makes sense as this was the wrap up to the whole installing a barn type sliding door series of posts for our hall bedroom for around a mere $100.

hall bedroom sliding barn type door
With its free door handle and everything...nice.
#4...Why People Do Stupid Things.  A Lock Story.  Maybe bots were hitting this one, I dunno.  All about how I, and others (flippers), do stupid things.  And how to change a lock set.

changing exterior door handle and lock

#3...Plants!  Again, maybe as #4, I'm not sure.  Or maybe it was my excitement at having all these fantastic gorgeous new plants in our yard that was contagious.

backyard plant landscaping
Cannot wait for summer!!!
#2...My 99 Cent Shelf.  A totally unplanned for, unexpected, outta left field project but damn cool if I do say so myself, and well, again, I am, says the least conceited, most humble person, heh.  But the point here with this post was to share the importance of keeping your eyes and mind open.

99 cent ash wood shelf
There's my shadow, heh.  Silly boy.
And the most popular post of 2015 is....

#1...The Grand Gigantic Curtain Experiment.  A little surprised?  Yeah I was too but this one stoked controversy.  Lots of folks keen to inform I did this how shall I say, not as I should have, in their opinion and such and whatever.  Clearly they missed this post.

What were some of my fave projects and/or posts from the year?  Looking back, yeah, it's mighty tough to whittle the list.  I had fun doing stuff, writing stuff, sharing stuff.  In no particular order:

The master bath vanity.  Yes.  So proud of that thing.  Nice way to start 2015 all right.

custom designed and built bathroom vanity
Aww yeah, nice vanity.
The kitchen wallpaper.  It was a roller coaster of events and emotions and it came out infinitely better than I ever hoped and dreamed for.  Let's wallpaper everything!!

painted black kitchen cabinets with Cabinet Transformations kit
I LOVE this wallpaper.
My design for NeoCon.  Not only am I proud of how it turned out, how the room transformed, I was so honored and flattered to be designing it in the first place.  NeoCon, people!

design for NeoCon space

Painting the kitchen cabinets black.  It was a mountain of work for sure.  The change was dramatic though; it filled my heart with warmth and glee.  Plus duh black paint!!  The best paint color Ever.  Other than maybe yellow.

Mike Time.  Heh, because Mike did some stuff!  :)

The paint-by-numbers-ish dog portraits.  Because they're adorable and all dogs should be honored.

paint by numbers dog paintings

Cutting holes in the wall because I bought a new level.  Heh, that was entertaining.  Lots of messy icky joint compound but I'm thrilled with it.  And how nuts was I to just start ripping walls open?!  (Don't answer that.)

hand painted wall mural in grays

The DIY library rug.  Not only was it a blast happening upon that insanely fabulous now coveted fabric, it was a blast writing the post.  As was having my handy dandy trusty assistant get in the way per usual.

diy library rug with fabric
"What, Mommy?"
Not necessarily one of my favorites?  I Miss My Sweet Pea.  Why am I telling you that?  Because I miss her profoundly and the sentiments ring true every single darn day.

Hailey buried under toys

I better stop poking around as I'll keep listing posts and we'll be here 'til 2017!

Here's hoping you all have a stellar, fun-filled holiday and an even better new year!  Thanks for reading along and see ya next year!  xo

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